Athlos Womens Crew Tee (Brook)
Athlos Womens Crew Tee (Brook)

Athlos Womens Crew Tee (Brook)

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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE retail outlet of Athlos in India.

Made with our signature bamboo fabric, the women's crew tee ensures
you can sweat all day long and yet feel cozy. Featuring an anti-odour
finish made from pure silver, the tee is crafted for workout repeats. And
with a fit that's seamless, because the last thing you need to worry about
during a run is a top that doesn't blend with your pace.

Fabric Composition - 68% bamboo + 27% Cotton & 5% Mobilon Spandex.

All day awesomeness is what the Athlos women's crew cut is made for.
So, whether it's a sweat heavy run, yoga, or an all-day hike - the tee has
you covered.

For a tropical climate like ours, you want a long sleeve that provides the
right coverage minus the bulk. The bamboo fabric combined with a
sleek design makes for this right balance. So train, run, hike, yoga:you
have your multi-sport tee.