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Tacx is one of the leading brands for the bottle cages and even for the indoor bike trainer . It is from Netherlands founded in the year 1957.

Tacx, now part of the Garmin family has evolved supreme technologies for indoor bike training. While being a market player in this segment, Tacx has developed a strong name in the cycling community across the world.

Check out the latest Tacx Bottle Cages from the top class brand. Mastermind Bicycle Studio i proud to be the authorized dealers of Tacx in India.



Tacx Bottle Cages are 100% Made In Netherlands, ensuring the best manufacturing quality by the highest control standards. These are one of the best bottle cages available in India, for your Road, as well as City/Gravel Bikes.

The Ciro Bottle Cage from Tacx has a clean, minimalistic design with any excess material removed, offering a sleek profile that doesn't distract from the beauty of your bicycle. Coming in at just a weight of 29 grams, the weight is impressively low! The reinforced carbon shell is shaped to clamp your bottle firmly, providing a secure fit that makes this cage suitable for rough roads and gravel also.


- Lightweight bottle cage with minimalistic design

- Reinforced carbon shell holds bottle securely on rough roads

- Minimalistic design provides has a sleek profile and low weight

- Weight : 29 Grams

- Material: carbon shell around a core of glass fiber

- Optimum hold - The black cover is carbon-reinforced to ensure that the optimised shape remains in place for a long time: the bottle always fits perfectly.

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