Stages GRX RX810 Single Sided

Stages GRX RX810 Single Sided

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The Stages GRX RX810 Single Sided power meter is a popular choice among cyclists for its accuracy, ease of use, and integration with Shimano's GRX groupset, which is designed specifically for gravel riding. Here’s a detailed overview:

Key Features:

  1. Power Measurement:

    • The power meter measures power output from the left crank arm only.
    • It provides accurate data with a claimed accuracy of ±1.5%.
  2. Crank Arm:

    • The power meter is integrated into the left crank arm, which is part of the Shimano GRX RX810 groupset.
    • Available in different crank lengths to fit various bike setups.
  3. Compatibility:

    • Designed specifically for gravel riding, it fits seamlessly with the Shimano GRX RX810 groupset.
    • Compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) protocols, ensuring it can connect with most bike computers and smartphones.
  4. Battery Life:

    • Uses a CR2032 coin cell battery, which provides around 200 hours of riding time.
    • Battery replacement is straightforward and can be done without any special tools.
  5. Durability:

    • The unit is waterproof and built to withstand the rigors of off-road and gravel riding.
    • Stages power meters are known for their robust build quality.
  6. Calibration:

    • Features Active Temperature Compensation (ATC) to maintain accuracy in varying temperatures.
    • Simple zero-offset calibration process ensures consistent data accuracy.


  • Single Sided Measurement:

    • More affordable than dual-sided power meters.
    • Provides valuable data to help improve training and performance.
  • Ease of Use:

    • Straightforward installation and setup process.
    • Firmware updates can be easily performed via the Stages Cycling app.
  • Lightweight:

    • Adds minimal weight to the bike, which is crucial for performance.


  • Single-sided vs. Dual-sided:
    • Measures power from the left leg only, then doubles it to estimate total power. This can be less precise if there is a significant imbalance between the legs.
    • For most cyclists, single-sided measurement provides sufficient data for effective training and performance analysis.


  • Installation is similar to replacing a standard crank arm. You’ll need a Shimano-compatible crank puller and possibly a torque wrench to ensure proper installation.

User Experience:

  • Riders appreciate the accuracy and reliability of the Stages GRX RX810 Single Sided power meter.
  • The integration with the GRX groupset means it’s a perfect match for gravel bikes, maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the Shimano setup.

Overall, the Stages GRX RX810 Single Sided power meter is an excellent choice for gravel riders looking to enhance their training with power data without the higher cost and complexity of dual-sided systems.