Split Second CPC Shimano R8100/R8150/R9200/R9250 (Gold)

Rs. 33,900.00

Split Second CPC Shimano R8100/R8150/R9200/R9250 (Gold)

Key Features
Materials: Carbon cage and 7075 aluminum pulleys (14 & 17-tooth).
Bearings: Fully-sealed ceramic bearings that operate without lubricants.
Weight: 72 grams.
Efficiency: Saves 4 – 5 watts compared to a conventional cage.
Pulley Design: Two oversized aluminum pulley wheels reduce chain flexing angle with minimal friction.
Maintenance: Alloy covers protect bearings; can be cleaned and degreased every 750km for optimal performance.
Compatibility: Designed for use with a new chain to accommodate increased pulley size; maximum 34T cassette recommended.
Warranty: 4-year coverage for the CPC System.
Origin: Made in Europe.


Maintenance and Compatibility

The Ceramic Performance Cage (CPC) System requires minimal maintenance due to its dry ceramic bearings, which operate without lubricants. 


For optimal performance, it is recommended to clean and degrease the system every 750km. Alloy covers protect the bearings from external substances, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

Installation Guidelines

When installing the CPC System, it is essential to use a new chain to address any length discrepancies caused by the larger pulley size. This ensures optimal performance and smooth gear changes. 


The system is designed to work best with a maximum 34T cassette, providing the ideal setup for precise shifting. By following these guidelines, you can fully leverage the efficiency and performance benefits of the CPC System.

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