• Split Second Bike Cleaner BIO is a multifunctional cleaner for all bicycles. As a bicycle cleaner, the universal cleaner is suitable for effortlessly cleaning all parts of the bicycle.
  • The formula, made from purely herbal ingredients, was developed in such a way that light to stubborn dirt can be quickly removed without damaging the paint on your frame or other parts of your bike. Absolutely harmless for carbon parts and harmless for use on bicycles with disc brakes. Special ingredients neutralize acids and salts such as those found in B. caused by profuse sweating or isotonic drinks. Simply apply the Split Second Bike Cleaner BIO using the spray head. Get the most out of this cleaner by letting the formula sit on the stained parts for a few minutes, then gently rub in with a gentle brush and rinse off with water. Split Second Bike Cleaner BIO consists of sustainable, plant-based raw materials that are completely biodegradable. The unique composition makes it absolutely safe and environmentally friendly that no hazard warnings on the packaging.

    The PET bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

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