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The pedal market has been a little boring in recent times, with the market-leading brands offering very little innovation. No company is more dominant in this space than Shimano, and its SPD-SL road pedals have been path breaking in technology and build quality.

Shimano’s XTR are one of the best pedals, which have hit the right notes when it comes to excellent performance. They are as similar as the top-end Dura-Ace pedals with a good design and ease of use.

At this price you get a fancy carbon composite body that looks sleek and reveals an impressive lightness on the scales, helping to split the difference between the Dura-Ace and 105 models.

A bonus with Shimano pedals is that the weight of the release mechanism means the pedals are always pivoted nose up, which makes locating the cleat into the pedal much easier. This softens the learning curve when it comes to getting used to clipless pedals for the first time.


Shimano XTR pedals are one of the most lightest MTB pedals that will make you feel lighter and comfortable to make your ride more adventurous


The wide bearing in this pedals deliver you more rigidity and transfer the uniform load distribution that increase your power transfer easily.


These pedals has an open binding mechanism that helps to clean out all the mud fixed inside the pedals.

Shimano XTR Pedals

Shimamo changed the sector, achieving an increase not only in power to the pedal, but also in the control of the rider for the styles of cycling more and more audacious. Shimano PD-M9100 has better stability and control over the bicycle as it one of the top-end pedals you can have for your bicycle.

These pedals has the stability to control your power transfer even at the trail roads and also it is stiffer to handle your power watts at the time of sprints on the flat roads.

XTR PD-M9100 is the Shimano's flagship pedals which gives you a good quality features with a premium look on your bicycle.

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