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  • The Shimano L04C brake pads for flat mount Road disc brakes inspire with their enormously high braking performance in dry and wet conditions. This is due to the Ice-Tech design with cooling fins, which optimise heat dissipation and counteract fading. The durability, modulation and even the low noise level of this metallic brake pad on an aluminium backing plate are simply harmonious.


  • Features :
  • - Sintered Metal Pad With Consistent, High Stopping Power In Wet Or Dry Conditions And Excellent Durability
  • - Aluminum Radiator Cooling Fins Increase Pad Life And Reduce Brake Fade
  • - Brake Pad Compound: sintered
  • - Backing Plate Material: aluminium
  • - Cooling Fins: yes
  • - Compatibility: Dura Ace BR-R9170 / Ultegra BR-R8070 / 105 BR-R7070 / Metrea BR-U5000 / GRX BR-RX810 / groupless Road: BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305 / XT BR-M8110-R / SLX BR-M7110-R
  • Ice-Tech Technology
    Fading of the brake during prolonged uninterrupted operation, e.g. downhill, impairs braking performance. To counteract this, Shimano has introduced the brake rotor and brake pad with Ice-Tech technology. This cooling technology ensures consistent braking performance. The brake pads have cooling fins. The sandwich construction of the rotor in combination with the cooling fins results in a longer service life of the pads, less braking noise, less fading and a lower weight.
  • Shimano is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components. Its products include drivetrain, brake, wheel, and pedal components for road, mountain, track, and hybrid bikes. At Shimano, they strive for the very best. That’s why they have been passionate about technology from the very beginning.
  • Through technological innovations, they had created products that verge on perfection, products that offer you greater efficiency, increased durability, better ease of use, and ultimate comfort. All Shimano staff - whether in R&D, production, or quality control - go to great lengths to develop cutting-edge equipment that is lightweight yet sturdy, fast, and reliable. Their passion for technology inspires them to push the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Sold out

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