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Saucony was founded in 1898 in USA. Since then, running is in their blood and they have evolved from a local factory to a global brand.

They are very loyal to the sport of running and make supreme quality products. The guiding boulders of the company are good performance, good health and good community.

These are the go-to running shoes from hobby runners to professionals to pro athletes.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the official authorized dealer of Saucony.


For those who crave for the ultimate in protective cushioning, the Triumph 18 is Saucany's most cushioned shoe.
It has been designed to give your runs a faster feel with all the luxurious comfort you desire.




The Triumph 18's upper mesh is a luxurious masterpiece. Extremely comfortable, breathable and lightweight.

One of the biggest updates to the upper is the addition of a hard, internal heel counter. There is now more structure and support in the heel area and heel lockdown is noticeably better.


TRIFLEX design makes for quick transitions and enhances flexibility.

The all new blown outsole makes for a snappier ride and increases durability and traction.


PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning provides more flexibility, durability, and springiness.

The Triumph 18 has more “pop” due to the bouncy quality of the PWRRUN+ so your legs feel fresher for longer during runs.

Have you heard about running power ?

What is Running Power ?

Running power is a way to measure the output of the work you’re doing when you run. The higher the Watts, the more power you’re generating with every step.

STRYD Running Power Meter

STRYD running power meter is the worlds 1st running power meter. It weighs only 9 grams and easily fits onto your running shoe.

Connect the STRYD with your smartphone or a compatible smartwatch and start recording your activity.

It gives you daily pacing, training, racing guidance and plenty more features so you train at the perfect intensity for every run.

The ENDORPHIN PRO along with a STRYD power meter is a complete package for the highest level of training, best performance and races.

(Please note : Stryd Power Meter is an add-on. It is not included with the shoes)


This is the best thing that has happened to running. Make it happen for you as well.


Category : Neutral


Type : Regular


Offset : 8mm (Heel to toe drop)


Weight : 315gm


These shoes weren't made for chasing personal bests, they were made for smashing them.

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