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RAVEMEN is derived from their passion for bike riding and concern for bike riders as well as others' safety. Coming from different areas of the bicycle industry and being biking enthusiasts, engaging in night riding is quite normal for us

Most of the high-output bike lights on the market have no anti-glare capability, which is dangerous to oncoming traffic, and also it is more riskier to ride at night times.

In fact, many people have had the experience of being dazzled by high lumen bike lights, and every rider also tries not to disturb others while enjoying the fun of riding.

The RAVEMEN PR1600 combines all of innovative electronic and optical technology to produce the ultimate light for road cycling, trail riding, etc.

According to reviews of people in India, RAVEMEN is the best brand in front and tail light for cycling at night time or for any endurance ride on your bicycle.

RAVEMEN product will not only be reliable and easy-to-use to improve your bike riding experience but also a good product to buy in a MasterMind bike shop at the best price for your road cycling




Dual side lights to increase your side visibility and riding safety at crossroads.


You can change the brightness level without leaving the grip that leads to safety on your bicycle.


With the close-range flood light and long-distance spotlight, CR1000 helps the riders to clear the unseen vision on the roads.


1) CR1000 has an aluminum body and also this light has water resistance feature which will helps you to go with no risk in rainy season.

2) You can extend your battery power of CR1000 front light by connecting to other power devices or any other power sources.

3) 4000mh battery power of CR1000 gives you long lasting battery on your bicycle in your long distance endurance ride.

4)The CR1000 has an additional feature mentioned that this light can be compatible with handlebar of 22.2mm to 35mm diameter.

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