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<Please Note, this is NOT the price for the Complete Bike! The price for the complete bike will start from Rs. 4,49,000 Onwards.>

QuintanaRoo is an American brand, manufacturing ONLY TRIATHLON Bikes!
This is one of the very few brands in the world, specialising and channelising all its energies into the designing and manufacturing of ONLY CARBON BIKES.

Ever since its launch in India, the QR brand has seen a rising number of Triathletes in India choosing the PR Series Triathlon bikes for their Ironman and other international as well as domestic races.

To buy a QuintanaRoo Bike, whether Online or in Retail, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is the EXCLUSIVE Distributor for India, offering the best range of framesets as well as complete bikes.

QuintanaRoo is Exclusively Triathlon!

Exclusively Triathlon for Over 30 Years — QR founder and creator of, Dan Empfield, invented the first triathlon specific bike and wetsuit under the Quintana Roo brand. To this day, QR has remained true to tri and releases innovative triathlon-specific products.

QR bikes were founded on the principle of creating a bike with the best fit, handling and ergonomics. Today, this is still our main focus and it makes us very happy to hear our customers and athletes rave about the comfort and stability of our bikes.

Designed by Triathletes for Triathletes — At QR, the team designing your products is a team of triathlon enthusiasts who happen to be experts at designing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance triathlon bikes. QR’s CEO is an active triathlete. He and his wife have completed many 70.3 and full-distance IRONMAN events – maybe even too many to count. In his free time you can find he and his wife training and enjoying rides together on their QR bikes - or even competing in IRONMAN relays with our QR customers.

PRFive Disc - Elite Disc Brake Triathlon Bike

The PRFive Disc really is a notch above most of the Triathlon Bikes available in the market. Even at this price point, it allows you to actually experience the absolute top-end ride quality and aerodynamics on offer. People who are serious about getting into Triathlons, or athletes who want to upgrade their machine for their future Triathlon/Ironman races, the PRFive Disc is the absolute no-brainer choice.

This bike is for the real triathletes - it is aero, stable, and yet lightweight! The PRFive Disc competes right at the highest level, with elevated safety and breaking capabilities in any condition. With increased lateral stiffness and a more aerodynamic design, you will be able to output more power while conserving your energy for the run! The PRFive Disc gives athletes the important confidence they need to perform their best.

Key Features of PRFive Disc

Full Carbon Monocoque Frameset - Disc Brake Thru Axle version

Six-Position SeatPost for the perfect BikeFit

Aero Storage Containers - Cutting the wind throughout!

Unique Chainstay Design - Asymmetric

Simple wrenching for maintenance and transport - Race safe and stress-free!

Wind Tunnel tested with patented boat tail cross section

Streamlined Success

Quintana Roo bikes are tested in the wind tunnel and proven in the real world. The signature SHIFT+ aerodynamic shaping has the power to propel you to better bike splits and faster time trials.

The ‘motor’ of the bike—the drivetrain—is the very thing that can slow it down, by catching wind. With SHIFT+, we’re able to offset our Static Aero Downtube in a way that moves airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (drivetrain side) to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side). Not only does this give you a major aero advantage, but it also lends stability mile after mile. It’s a win-win in the wind.

Do not settle for a TT Bike for Ironman! Buy a Triathlon Bike!

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