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Connect Power Control

Nano Structures on the saddle absorb vibrations, increase grip and maintains your position on the saddle. They reduce muscle fatigue and facilitate air flow by regulating body temperature in the contact area. This technology has led to :

+15% Shock & Vibration Absorption

+15% Grip & Positioning

+10% Air Cooling

Saddle Rails - Nack

NACK saddle rail technology is made of Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Aluminium. The ovoid shape rails gives extreme stability at the attachment points.

V - Shape

It guarantees no contacts and pressure spikes in the front/perineal area, great stability in the back with a increased sitting area. Due to its V shape, the positioning on the bike is more forwarded.

PAS Relief System

Perenial Area System is a ergonomic design that eliminates contact points in the genital and prostate areas.

The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comforts for long and endurance rides.

Having the right saddle is the best investment for you and your bike.

Buy a Prologo saddle and ride comfortably!

Sold out

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