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Prologo is an Italian brand and one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and quality saddles in the world of racing bikes.

Technologies like MES- Multi Sector system, CPC – Connect Power Control, C3 – Carbon Composite Compound and PAS – Perennial Area System, makes Prologo the world's best brand for bike saddles.

With their patented technologies and innovations, Prologo is the sure shot choice for bike saddles. Explore Prologo saddles!

We at Mastermind Bicycle Studio are extremely proud to be the Exclusive distributer for Prologo Saddles!

Prologo Dimension Tri : For the Triathlete In You.

This series of saddles was specially curated for a particular class of athletes. The Time Trialists and Triathletes.

A redefined V shape hull from the previous T shape ensures seamless pedaling in all phases of motion. This triathlon saddle houses a ergonomic shape which is very comfortable for people having wider sit bones and eliminates the pondering question 'where should sit bones be on a saddle' & 'why are saddles so uncomfortable'. Your sit bones will naturally take up the optimum position on the saddle. 143 mm in width it is a saddle from small to large sit bones.

Combined with PAS & CPC technology this saddle is the best choice for ironman events, triathlons, ITT's, TTT's.

This tri saddle is compatible with most of the triathlon saddle bags and the perfect choice for your TT bike or Road bike.


What is CPC ? It means Connect Power Control.

The hexagonal structures that are present at strategic locations on the saddle absorb vibrations, increases grip and maintains your position on the saddle.

It reduces muscle fatigue and facilitate air flow by regulating body temperature in the contact area.

Internal Atomic Structure of CPC Technology.

+15% Shock & Vibration Absorption

+15% Grip & Positioning

+10% Air Cooling

PAS Relief System

Perenial Area System is a ergonomic design that eliminates contact points in the genital and prostate areas.

The PAS system runs through the entire length of the saddle allowing it to be more aerodynamic and provide first class natural ventilation in the contact area.

The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comforts for long and endurance rides.

V Shape hull

It guarantees no contacts and pressure spikes in the front/perineal area, great stability in the back with a increased sitting area. Due to its V shape, the positioning on the bike is more forwarded.

Saddle Rails - Tirox

TIROX saddle rail technology is made of light allow steel. They are highly resistant to traction & torsion while having a good balance between weight and strength.

A Triathlon saddle v/s a road bike saddle has subtle differences but make a huge difference at the finish line and long term health.

In a tri position you are more centered towards the nose(front portion) of the saddle. The V shape hull has been specifically constructed to provide support in an aggressive forward position. This will have the benefit of comfort as well as decreasing the movement of the hips and body. This position is more aero as compared to a road bike position for which this saddle has been designed.

Don't suffer in silence and buy the right saddle. Don't compromise on a more aggressive position and make those seconds count.

Buy this tri specific saddle and your will never have to look back. Gone are the days of saddle discomfort. Prologo does justice to its products by providing the best of quality in its products. Buy Prologo and ride like a pro.





245 x 143 mm

Saddle Rails

Steel Alloy

Saddle Rail Clamping Style

Round Rails



Pressure Relief

Cutout PAS system


223 gms






TT Bike Saddle

Having the right saddle is the best investment for you and your bike.
Buy a Prologo and ride comfortably!

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