Prologo Dimension Tri Tirox 143mm
Prologo Dimension Tri Tirox 143mm

Prologo Dimension Tri Tirox 143mm

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 Dimension Tri

Dimension TRI is a saddle born for triathlon and time trial users

The saddle size is 245mm long and 143mm wide, while the weight varies depending on the model: the Nack version weighs 170 grams, while the TIROX weighs 215 grams. This range designed for triathlon and time trials guarantees excellent performance, improving comfort in all pedaling phases thanks to the ergonomic “V SHAPE” shape, in combination with the new PAS channel, modified in width and depth. These devices guarantee a better blood flow eliminating numbness and excessive pressure in the genital / prostatic area. The tests carried out on the track and in the wind tunnel with some of the most important professional teams in the world, confirmed an improvement in performance of 5-8% Foams with variable density, increased by 15% in the upper part and on the tip of the saddle, allow to increase the support surface, dissipating the pressures homogeneously, as well as guaranteeing a greater support area for the antero-ischial area, especially in the maximum aerodynamic position. • The sitting area has been advanced by 2cm • Seat tip is wider than 7mm • Use of variable density foams to increase stability and comfort; • The versions with CPC technology eliminate slipping and improve the aerodynamic positioning of the athlete.


- PAS System :  The PAS system (perineal area system) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure spikes and numbness by improving blood flow.

Its special ergonomic design, assisted by foam with variable density, eliminates contact points in the genital and/or prostatic areas.

The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comfort over long and medium distances.