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Prologo is an Italian brand and one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and quality saddles in the world of racing bikes.

Technologies like MES- Multi Sector system, CPC – Connect Power Control, C3 – Carbon Composite Compound and PAS – Perennial Area System, makes Prologo the world's best brand for bike saddles.

With their patented technologies and innovations, Prologo is the sure shot choice for bike saddles.

We at Mastermind Bicycle Studio are extremely proud to be the Exclusive Distributer for Prologo Saddles! Explore Prologo saddles!



This new road bike saddle from Prologo is designed to match comfort and performance for every single cyclist. The Dimension saddle segment was started with a clear target. To make a saddle suitable for all categories of cyclists.

This saddle is focused on extra comfort for all cycling disciplines and is unisex.
The Dimension is designed to fit riders , with medium – low pelvic rotation/flexibility and wider seat bones distance. The Special Relief Channel PAS eliminates numbness and reduces the compression of soft issues, improving blood flow in the pelvic area.

The entire hull structure has been redesigned with the snub nose being 35mm shorter than traditional saddles making it highly aggressive and aerodynamic too. The PAS relief system that runs through the centre of the saddle creates active ventilation and maintains the temperatures in the perineal contact area. It reduces numbness by ensuring active blood flow in that region.


PAS Relief System

Perenial Area System is a ergonomic design that eliminates contact points in the genital and prostate areas.

The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comforts for long and endurance rides.

Saddle Rails - T 4.0

T 4.0 saddle rail technology is in made of chromoly alloy that ensures more lightness and technical resistance.

V - Shape

It guarantees no contacts and pressure spikes in the front/perineal area, great stability in the back with a increased sitting area. Due to its V shape, the positioning on the bike is more forwarded.





254 x 143 mm

Saddle Rails


Saddle Rail Clamping Style




Pressure Relief

Cutout PAS system


204 gms


Light Foam


Carbon injected plastic




Road Bike Saddle


Saddle soreness and saddle pain will be a thing of the past with this saddle. All you need to do, is push your limits and the saddle will hold true to its technology and price.

It's a unisex saddle, tried tested and developed after many hours of research and developments with professional men's and women's teams around the world.

Having the right saddle is the best investment for you and your bike.
Buy a Prologo and ride comfortably!

Sold out

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