Prologo saddles have created certain values in Technology, ambition, and passion which is the core of innovation to make every ride unique, performing, and comfortable on your bicycle.

Prologo saddles are making a flag of premium identity in the cycling industry for good comfort, better durability, and for the best performance of the cyclist all over the world.

The Prologo Dimension is top innovative saddle; designed to match durability and performance for every single cyclist. On the sides Prologo adds “side protector” to avoid scratches or damages on your bicycle.

Buying these Prologo saddles is best for space comfort on your bicycles. Space identifies the line of saddles characterized
by a wider width and extra padding. Space is
the perfect solution for those who have a wider
ischial bones width, a more important height weight ratio or simply for all those who are
looking for maximum comfort on their bike.

Prologo saddles come with both form Tri-saddles and road saddles so that you can use them for both triathlon events and even at road races.


The Dimension NDR is a comfortable saddle for longer rides. This saddle is fitted on an endurance road bike which provided good support and enough padding on your bicycle to ride in a smooth condition.

The width also means that there’s enough surface area to spread the load, despite the central cut-out. This saddle does not have CPC saddle technology in it but has pass features that give an air cooling system for your endurance ride on your bicycle.

Consideration on people's review on this bike seat, this saddle will never disappoint you at the time of your long-distance cycling and it will surely make you happy for the best choice of comfort and performance saddle.


PAS Relief System

Perenial Area System is a ergonomic design that eliminates contact points in the genital and prostate areas.

The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comforts for long and endurance rides.

T4.0 Saddle Rail  

Saddle construction consists of light foam padding, a microfibre upper and a T4.0 rail (7mm) achieving a total weight of 238g.

The end result is an innovative and affordable price product suitable for all categories of cyclists.

Easy Handling Pressure.

This bicycle saddle helps to spread the pressure over the seating area more evenly, especially when in the aero position. Lengthwise this saddle measures 245mm and its width is 143mm.

More Padding For Reduced Vibrations

This NDR saddle reduce all vibrations coming through the frame from the ground

To avoid scratches and to prevent chafing "side protectors" have also been included in the design

Comfort Channel

Dimension NDR T4.0 offers a large pressure relief channel to reduce numbness and help maintain blood flow especially when seated for long stretches of time.




Dimension NDR T4.0




238 gm




Light Foam


Pressure relief channel


Endurance Bicycle Riding

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