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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for PROFILE DESIGN.

Since 1988, PROFILE DESIGN has been setting the standard in innovation, creating cycling components designed to make bicycles faster.

The PROFILE DESIGN Wheelsets in India are the most value for money components you can add to your bike, which makes your machine fast and aerodynamic!

Experience the power of raw speed with PROFILE DESIGN !

About 58/78 Wheelset

The Profile Design 58/78 TwentyFour Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset is perfect for competitive road riders, TT and Triathlon. Combining a 58 Twenty Four front wheel & 78 Twenty Four rear wheel this wheelset produces incredible straight line speeds & aerodynamics.

The Profile Design 58/78 TwentyFour Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset features a proprietary high Tg point resin. This high Tg resin is 30% higher than other "high" resins. This allows the 58/78 TwentyFour to withstand more braking heat throughout its ride life. This resin technology has been incorporated with CFD engineered rim profiles to create one of the highest performing rim profiles in regards to crosswind handling.


Freehub Body : Shimano/SRAM Type

Weight : 1725 Grams (Pair)

Spoke Type : Straight Pull and Bladed

Material : UD carbon with high Tg point resin

Compatibility : Quick Release Only (Rim Brake)

Rim Depth : Front - 58 mm, Rear - 78 mm

Variable Rim Depths

This unique 58/78 wheel set, gives you all the Aero benefits because of the higher rim depth of the rear wheel, but at the same time it gives you all the stability because of the shorter rim depth of the front wheel. For most riders, the challenge is to handle the carbon wheels in crosswinds. The 58/78 combination solves that problem completely!

Freehub Body For Miles

The freehub body is machined from 7001-T6 aluminium then shot peened hard anodised to create an 18% increase in material strength compared to standard aluminium freehubs. This prevents the cassette from biting and embedding in the freehub body to produce increased power transfer and a cleaner shifting performance.

Superior Braking Surface

One of the most common concerns in the Carbon Rim Brake Clinchers is the strength of the braking surface. Because of the high resin braking surface, the stiffness is incredible, allowing the wheels to take the tyre pressure upto 125 PSI

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