Profile Design HSF/Aero HC 800+

  • An all new between the arms bottle design packed full of features and functionality.
  • The HSF/Aero HC 800+ has been designed to incorporate all the essential features required of an aerobar bottle system along with a couple of premium add-ons.
  • - Flexible hose with bite valve and magnetic retention.
  • - Garmin mount on the cage / removable.
  • - New mounting bracket with greater compatibility than previous models.
  • - New cage with high retention design splash back.
  • - Rear piece can be unscrewed for easy cleaning.
  • - Secure fill port lid to avoid splashing.
  • Additionally, the shape of the bottle has been designed to hide the cage from the wind. We worked to minimize frontal area wherever possible to avoid adding aero drag to your setup


  • The HSF BTA cage takes a minimalist approach to providing the maximum versatility for a between the arms bottle mount. The low weight, high retention, setback mount point and integrated computer mount give everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • The mount is offset so that the center point of the bottle bolts can sit well behind the attachment point. This allows the cage/bottle to be set further back on aerobars that would otherwise force the bottle forward to the point where it is inaccessible.
  • The mount has a slightly dropped ‘V’ shape to help center it between the extensions and reduce the risk of the bottle interfering with narrow armrest positions. The mount accommodates a greater range of extension widths than the previous models.
  • *Garmin Computer not included.
  • *Wahoo Element compatible - with the purchase of a aftermarket adapter.

Tech Specifications

  • - Bottle Construction: BPA-Free, Food safe HDPE Bottle
  • - Bottle Capacity: 27oz (800ml)
  • - Compatibility: HSF/Aero HC 800 Bottle or use with Standard Cycling Water Bottle
  • - Computer Compatibility: Garmin: Mount is optional and can be removed. (Wahoo: Adapters available via 3rd party purchase).
  • - Cage / BTA Construction: Injected nylon/glass fiber construction
  • - Mount offset: 30mm
  • - Mount drop: 10mm
  • - Extension Width Requirement: 80mm - 120mm (center - center)
  • - Colors: Matte Black
  • - Weight: 387g (System), 100g (Bracket Only)
  • Torque settings
  • - Mounting Bolts: 4Nm (53 inlbf)

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