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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for Princeton Carbon Works.

Whenever any path-breaking product is launched globally in the world of Cycling and Triathlon, you can always expect Mastermind to be at the forefront to bring the brand to India.

When it comes to the expertise to handle and build Carbon Wheels, Mastermind makes no compromise to bring the best to the Indian athletes.

Technology behind the Wake 6560

WAKE 6560 has symmetrical front and rear rim profiles that each contain 24 sinusoidal oscillations, resulting a revolutionary shaped rim varying between 60 and 65mm deep. Full carbon and tubeless ready, the rim profile is laced to your choice of Princeton CarbonWorks hub!

Advanced aerospace engineering facilitates better speed through the breakthrough of dynamic cross-section variability – WAKE – which yields lower drag and reduced effects of vortex shedding. Optimized mechanical design paired with advanced manufacturing increases stress distribution and enables weight reduced layup schedule. Laced to your choice of ultra-light TUNE or bombproof White Industries.

Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560 breaks industry benchmarks and forces discerning riders to recalibrate aerodynamic, strength, stability and weight expectations. In 4 years of research and development WAKE was wind tunnel confirmed, road tested, gravel verified and race proven, join us and leave the competition in your wake.

Thinking behind the Wake 6560

Princeton CarbonWorks’ unconventional-looking Wake 6560 wheelset draws its name from the 65mm and 60mm differential rim section depth, and also pays homage to the company founders’ collegiate backgrounds in competitive rowing. According to Princeton CarbonWorks, that wavy shape basically allows the Wake 6560 to behave like a deeper-section rim in terms of overall aerodynamic efficiency, but like a shallower-section rim in terms of crosswind stability — the best of both worlds, basically.

Princeton CarbonWorks hubs at the heart of the wheel

Our own Princeton CarbonWorks hubs were designed in conjunction with the best athletes in the world. Our priorities were low weight, stiffness, and ease of service. By using straight pull spokes, we managed to keep the flange height low while maintaining exceptional lateral stiffness. The hubs use standard cartridge bearing for ease of service years down the road. If you ever have to change bearings, the process is very simple and we can provide full support.  

A disc brake hub set weighs 325 grams. A set of GRIT 4540s with PCW hubs weighs 1415 grams and a set of WAKE 6560s with PCW hubs weighs 1520 grams.

We've hit or exceeded all of our targets for the specifications we set out to achieve. As a result, the rim brake version of this hub was on board Filippo Ganna's World Championship TT bike, as well as Team INEOS TT bikes at the TDF, Giro, and presently in the Vuelta.  


Additional Information

Particulars Specifications

Weight, Front

RIM BRAKE: 675g (WI) 657g (TUNE)

Weight, Rear

RIM BRAKE: 870g (WI) 780 (TUNE)

Internal Rim Width


Max Rim Width


Max Rim Depth


Min Rim Depth



Sapim® CX-Ray®


Sapim® Secure Lock

Spoke Count

16/24 (24/24 available upon request)

Brake Type

Rim, Disc

Hub Type

Princeton Carbon Works hub

Free Hub Body

Shimano 11S, SRAM XDR

The Wake 6560 is that precious diamond to decorate your bike.

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