Product details

  • - Four-layer ultralight foam chamois

  • - Micro-perforated straps

  • - Resilient to elastic degradation

  • - UPF 40 low-profile shoulder straps

  • - Fully-dyed fabrics

  • - Fabric: 82% Polyester 18% Elastane

  • - Made in Italy

Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal Studios is a Copenhagen based brand of contemporary, technical cycling clothing. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect apparel, combined with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, brand collaborations, and sourcing of new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to bring out collections that define modern cycling in a different context.

The brand honours the great traditions of cycling, but is above all committed to the patterns and colours that define state of the art fashion today. The uncompromising attention to detail and hand-made, sustainable quality is paired with an inspired take on today's look and feel. Pas Normal Studios produces high-end clothing with textiles and methods at the same level as demanded by professional riders - but at the same time, all styles are created for long-term usage and durability.

We at Mastermind Bicycle Studio are proud to EXCLUSIVELY represent Pas Normal Studios in India!



The four-layer ultralight chamois pad is strategically positioned in the bib shorts to match your optimal riding anatomical position. This position provides exceptional comfort and delivers the most support at this critical contact point, allowing you to maintain your most aerodynamic position for longer.


The Essential Bibs deliver a less aggressive cut without sacrificing performance. The extended back panel allows the bib shorts to integrate seamlessly with the Essential Jersey for an optimal aerodynamic silhouette on the bike. All panels are designed and assembled to maximize comfort and support for long days in the saddle while eliminating fabric-bunching in high-motion areas.


The lightweight woven mesh straps are utilized across the entire upper structure of the Essential Bibs, effectively allowing excess moisture across your entire torso to escape and helping to maintain your body’s optimal microclimate. The micropores that populate this upper fabric allow the straps and back panel to stretch in all directions, perfectly matching your body’s position on the bike.


The outstanding fit that is achieved from these bib shorts is a careful result of the dedicated design and layout of the individual panels that comprise this product. These panels are laser-cut and then assembled by hand at our manufacturing facility in Italy.



Constructed from a highly compressive and durable fabric, these full-dyed panels deliver an outstanding visual aesthetic, enhanced by a subtle tone-in-tone finish with our proprietary detailed textile definitions.

Elastic Grippers

All leg grippers have been fitted with soft fully-dyed elastic that deliver the truest colour. The elastic also feature our signature silicone gripping pattern, keeping the bibshorts in an optimal position to improve your aerodynamic silhouette.


The low-profile straps are exceptionally resilient to elastic degradation, allowing them to hold their shape after countless usage and washing cycles.


The four-layer chamois pad has been specifically designed to ensure lasting performance and comfort. The quick-drying, antimicrobial membranes ensure you stay cool and resh at your critical contact point with the bike to reduce friction and prevent the build-up humidity.


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