Pinarello X3 105 Di2 Disc Road Bike

The Pinarello X3 105 Di2 Disc Road Bike is entirely focused on comfort over long distances, be it long distance endurance rides or ultra distance racing. With a geometry that makes the rider feel more relaxed, it truly is a bike meant to have fun over any distances and terrain the rider may choose to ride. The Pinarello X series bikes have a carbon layup and tubings that help dissipate vibrations, without losing the legendary performance DNA that the brand is known for.

In the X series, the brand has obsessed over shock absorption and vibration dampening. With over 20% less vertical stiffness than the Dogma F, shock absorption is maximised. Another key design feature are the Flex stays, which absorb vibrations without reducing the responsiveness of the rear triangle.

Shimano's newest offering in the electronic line-up, the brilliant 105 Di2, brings performance at better value, and is the perfect complement to this build. A wide gear range and smooth, precise shifting is paired with powerful hydraulic braking that's effective in all conditions.

Pinarello X3 bike can take upto 32mm tyre width, giving ample amount of options to the rider to choose the tyres from.


The finest Toray carbon fibre : T600 UD

Onda Fork

Flex Stays

Asymmetric Frame Pinarello X

Fully Integrated Internal Cable Routing Cockpit


The two-piece cockpit of Pinarello X gives ample room for the rider to play around with the handlebar width or stem length.

Despite the two-piece cockpit, the Pinarello X still features a teardrop shaped head tube and the ergonomics are easy to adjust without having to replace the entire cockpit.

The MOST components, the sister brand from Pinarello, is among the finest available in the industry today.


The X series is an exclusive Pinarello design that absorbs vibrations without reducing the responsiveness of the rear triangle. The seat stays are slightly curved, allowing the designers to take full advantage of the T600 carbon fibre’s special lay-up to absorb vibrations on even the roughest of roads. This means serious comfort, without needing to resort to the addition of a mechanical damping system, which would increase weight and drastically reduce performance.

Pinarello has always relied on their carbon partner Toray, the best carbon fibre producer in the world. Toray’s T600 is the ideal carbon fibre for a long distance racing/endurance frame, with a lay-up that offers the ideal mix of low weight, responsiveness, and dampening ability.


What better than to ride a Pinarello out on the roads! Get your X Series now!

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