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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor and dealer of India for PINARELLO bikes.

Founded in 1953 by Giovanni 'Nani' Pinarello, the brand has the richest heritage in the world of Cycling and is known for its attention to perfection.

The 'Toray' grade of Carbon Fibre used by Pinarello is till date the finest known in the industry. With multiple Tour De France titles under its belt, Pinarello is a perfect combination of Performance and Tradition.

If you want to buy a Pinarello, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorised and Exclusive Seller!

About Pinarello Paris

About Pinarello Paris

Key Points

Pinarello PARIS is by far the highest selling bike in the portfolio of Mastermind since 2020.
The unique DNA of Pinarello bundled with the unparalleled comfort of the endurance geometry of Paris makes it an unbeatable choice for the cycling enthusiasts and racers alike!

Paris is going to be available with a range of specification options - with Shimano 105 Hydraulic and Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic groupsets - also including a range of wheel options to choose from!

With Paris, now its time to bring a PINARELLO home!



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