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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor and dealer of India for PINARELLO bikes.

Founded in 1953 by Giovanni 'Nani' Pinarello, the brand has the richest heritage in the world of Cycling and is known for its attention to perfection.

The 'Toray' grade of Carbon Fibre used by Pinarello is till date the finest known in the industry. With multiple Tour De France titles under its belt, Pinarello is a perfect combination of Performance and Tradition.

If you want to buy a Pinarello, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorised and Exclusive Seller!

About Pinarello Gan Disk

The GAN Disk brings professional grade T-600 carbon fibre by Pinarello to this bang for the buck semi-endurance road bike, which gives you a balance of speed and comfort over any distance you choose to ride.

The GAN Disk takes some of the features from the top-of-the-line Dogma F10 bike of Pinarello, making it one of the best bikes to ride around the city. The GAN Disk is made to absorb the vibrations and the noise from the unforgiving city roads, making your ride comfortable enough to sustain long riding hours in the saddle.

Overall, GAN Disk is the best combination of aggression and relaxation when it comes to riding your bike through.



Full Carbon T-600 Monocoque Frameset - Disc Brake Thru Axle

Drivetrain : Shimano Ultegra R8000 Series

Shimano Ultegra R8000 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Top of the line MOST Saddle

Fulcrum Racing 900 Wheelset

Stem, Handlebar : MOST Components

Internal Cabling

The internal cable routing system has been designed to provide premium performance levels, just like every other aspect of the Pinarello GAN Disk. The aesthetic is sleek and clean-looking and aerodynamics are outstanding.

ONDA Carbon Fibre Fork

ONDA is a patented technology of Pinarello when it comes to designing forks. ONDA is known to be aerodynamic, the design being inspired from the aviation models, and the steering of the fork is extremely agile.

T-600 Flatback Tubes

The Toray T600 is the finest carbon fibre used in the industry in this price point. T600 provides unbelievable stiffness to the bike, making it accelerate through the winds and uphills and lending a lot of responsiveness to the bike. The flatback tubes provide extra durability to the bike frameset.

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