Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)
Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)

Onceupon Mens Bibshorts (Pure Black)

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Black is intrinsically cool. It’s flattering, it’s sophisticated, it’s associated with expertise.

If you like to keep things plain and simple, but still want to look stylish as you slyly overtake your fellow riders, then Onceupon has created the perfect jet-black bib shorts.

Combine Onceupon Pure Black Signature Bib Shorts with a jersey from one of the collections for a particularly striking look. 

Onceupon Pure Black Signature Bib Shorts are designed using a high-performance aero fit cut that meets all the demands of an avid cyclist. 

We have incorporated black reflective details to ensure you feel safe while riding and never go unnoticed. 

An essential, high-tech garment to be added to your cycling apparel collection. 

After studying how the body moves on the bike, Onceupon has engineered their bib shorts with optimal compression properties which help stabilise, compress and support the leg muscles, increasing blood flow in high-speed cycling. 

A high-density, friction-fighting Dolomiti® chamois protects you during long rides and keeps your nether regions free from bacteria, because as well as looking cool on your bike, it’s essential you feel comfortable on the saddle. This bib shorts help alleviate pressure so you can tackle those long rides. 

Onceupon 7cm leg bands are strategically designed to adjust to your leg and stay in place throughout the cycle. The straps are made of a high-density material with exceptional elasticity and superb elongation recovery.

Onceupon Signature bib shorts cling to your body comfortably, while allowing fantastic freedom of movement in each leg. With 210 g/m2 density, the high-tech fabric they use on their bib shorts ensures optimal stretch and recovery, shape retention, maximum opacity, UV protection (50+), fantastic resistance to pilling and abrasion and excellent comfort. 

With this technology, Onceupon know our bib shorts will allow you to ride safely, comfortably and at speed. 

Signature high-tech properties
  • Engineered to deliver an optimal compression according to your needs 
  • Made exclusively with high-quality Italian fabrics 
  • Smart technology ensures the bib shorts always stay in place 
  • 4-way stretch and recovery system provide excellent mobility, fit and comfort 
  • 44 fine gauge fabric guarantees maximum opacity and density to ensure the bib shorts do not loosen 
  • The most advanced multilayer Dolomiti Performance Pad
  • Seamless design reduces the chance of chafing 
  • 8+ hours safe ride
  • Superb wicking and incredible freshness and quick dry 
  • Muscular compression technology 
  • Fantastic pilling and abrasion resistance with 50+ ultraviolet protection
  • 7cm long power leg bands
  • Seamless elastic bib brace straps
  • Flatlock stitching 
  • Framis™ thermo printed vinyl logos
  • Reflective tabs at the back of the legs for greater visibility

> 80% Polyamide - 20% Elastane


> lightweight 210 gr/m2


> Italian fabric > Breathable > 4-way stretch > Ultra-fast dry > Pilling and UV resistance > Muscle control


> 95% Polyester - 5% Elastane


> lightweight 120 gr/m2


> Open cell foam 

> 16 mm thickness in 3 layers 

> 3 mm perforated pad to improve breathability