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Muc Off is one the leading brands when it comes to bike care and maintenance. Its very popular in the cycling community.

With Muc-Off it becomes very easy to self-maintain your bicycle at home. All you need is to follow the simple and basic instructions.

With products like degreasers, lubricants, cleaning tools, body care and disc brake covers, Muc-Off proudly boasts as being the No.1 brand when it comes to repair and maintenance of your bike.

MasterMind Bicycle Studio brings a wide range of products to India for conditioning and pampering you and your bike.

Are you a Muc-Off fan yet ?


Finally, the solution to protecting your disc brakes during maintenance or transit is here! Muc-Off makes your life easy.
They are fast, easy to use and help to ensure you won’t have protectant or lube overspray on your discs. Gone will be days for loss of braking power from protectant overspray!
Disc Brake Covers have been innovatively created with the rider in mind by incorporating an easy to use, velcro fastening with a gnarly printed design.

Protect your discs from overspray of protectant and lube

Designed to fit all Road Bike and Mountain Bike rotors

Easily washable after use – simply rinse off and re-use


Protects disc brake rotors and pads from protectant and lube overspray
Protects discs during transit
Quick and easy to use
Fits all road/mtb rotors
Simply rinse and use again
Breathable neoprene
Protects against corrosion
2 quantity for front and rear disc rotors


Step 1: Fit after you have washed your bike with Muc-Off Bike cleaner (remember it’s safe to use on disc brakes!).

Step 2: Start by separating the neoprene cover from the base plate.
With the velcro facing towards you, slide the base plate over the hub axle by pulling it apart slightly at the join, now push downwards until the centre hole is around the axle.

Step 3: To apply the neoprene cover, start at the caliper and press the neoprene cover over the caliper/cable and then around the entire rotor.
Ensure all parts are covered before applying protectants, polishes or spray lubes.

Step 4: After each use, simply rinse both parts in water and leave to hang dry.

Note: Do not ride with the covers attached! Do not spray protectants or lubes directly onto the Disc Brake Covers for an extended period of time!


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