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Merida is a Taiwan based company headquartered in Germany. It is a very established brand with lot of trust and name in the cycling community.

The quality and price of products that Merida offers is impeccable. This brand is sure to meet your cycling needs and sure to have every penny worth.

Merida bikes powered by German Engineering are many years ahead of the present. The quality of every bike component is way above industry standards and the bike will give you the best experience.

Among all the bike shops in India MasterMind Bikes is proud to be an Authorized dealer of this German brand, Merida Bikes.



Merida Silex 7000 comes with the Nano Matrix Carbon that protects the integrity of carbon frames, the fibres are bonded together with an epoxy resin with added nano particles, increasing impact resistance by up to 40% .


X-Tapered headtube offers the space for a tapered fork to be fitted. Tapered forks offer superb stiffness and precise and deliver confidence-inspiring steering.


Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. The bike looks neat, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt.


The Silex 7000 is a great bike with 700 X 38C tyres. There is improved maneuverability, control and traction on a gravel bicycle as compared to a road bike. Its carbon compatibility and stiffness makes your ride more comfortable on th roads.


The Merida Silex 7000 comes equipped with Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes, delivering instant power and modulation on a bike and delivers you instant safety on the unpaved roads.


Silex 7000 comes with the 810 series which is the top of the line groupset that makes your shifiting quality even more better and thereby increases your performance on the roads.


The Merida Silex 7000 Gravel Bike is built to be a versatile machine that combines comfort with speed and efficiency for a dynamic ride. Whether you're after a highly qualified commuter or pressing into adventure road racing the Silex 7000 is ready to roll from day one. It's hard to go wrong with the gravel specific 2X11 speed Shimano GRX810 Groupset. which is built to excel offroad. With its crisp shifting and reliable design this bike igives you serious speed that will give you confidence at the same time.

You won't have to worry about your braking power as the Shimano GRX810 Hydraulic Disc Brakes give you unmatched braking power which performs in all weather conditions so that you never get caught out. The Fulcrum Racing DB Wheels are built to perform, matched with the wider 700x38 Maxxis Rambler Tyres which offer speed and grip so that you're comfortable on gravel, dirt and can still let it rip on the road

The Silex 7000 is a high end gravel bike with a carbon frame, gravel specific groupset and quality braking for a ride that offers control. comfort and a fair bit of speed too.



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