Athlos Mens Distance Vest (Rhubarb)
Athlos Mens Distance Vest (Rhubarb)

Athlos Mens Distance Vest (Rhubarb)

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Athlos launched the Distance fabric in Mumbai Marathon 2017, and it has quickly become the go-to running tee for most of our users. Blending a natural fiber Eucalyptus with a high-tech yarn, the distance fabric is stunningly soft, fast-drying, and breathable. And now, launching the Distance vest: a super-light running vest with Athlos classy aesthetic..

Featuring an athletic cut which is neither too baggy nor too snug in the armpits, the vest eliminates any points of possible irritation or chafing. Technical and classy, the Distance vest runs light and airy, while the anti-odour fabric keeps you fresh over your long runs.

Fabric Composition- 35% Eucalyptus tencel & 65% Polyster

Recommended For- 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Hiit, Trail Runs

Blending a natural fabric ensures softness and breathability.

Resists sweat odour with our silver technology even after hours of running.

Over long running distances.

Smooth and soft fabric surface ensure no chafing.