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Mavic is one of those unconventional brands in the world of cycling that makes top class wheelsets. From alloy to carbon wheelsets, Mavic's quest to give the best products doesn't stop!

Mavic continues to be driven by its passion to deliver cycling products which are the best-in-class, bringing unique design & innovation for the ultimate ride experience.

The new carbon wheel collection is unquestionably the market reference with state of the art wheel technology, 100% designed in France and handcrafted in Europe. The ultimate ride experience brought to you by the Mavic Comète, Cosmic or Ksyrium.

Among all the bike shops in India, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor for Mavic.



Mavic Cosmic SL 65 is one of the best 2021 wheelset which has aerodynamic technology and a stable ride quality. The rim is engineered with a NACA profile that’s 65mm deep and 26mm wide.

The wide, rounded shape of the Cosmic SL 65 rim was developed through countless hours in the wind-tunnel to produce the lowest possible drag without sacrificing stability in crosswinds.

New refined spokes make it 80g lighter than its predecessor, the Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc. The new rim bed shape makes it easier than ever to fit tubeless or tube type tires.

Mavic's new Infinity hub platform optimizes the spoke lacing for efficient power transfer through highly controlled spoke tension. The Instant Drive 360 freewheel gives you automatic bearing preload (QRM Auto) provides fast engagement, high stiffness and extra durability to increase your efficiency.



The UST technology increases the efficiency, grip and also reduces the risk of punctures


Lighter spokes reduces the inertia of this lightweight wheel, which delivers instant acceleration while riding on the roads.


This road wheel for disc brakes maximizes your watts with ultra-efficient performance.

Mavic Cosmic SL 65 DCL wheels are a perfect choice for fast, flat road races or triathlons.

Mavic Cosmic SL 65 Wheelset comes with a clincher rim pair, which gives you a tubeless technology that increases the efficiency and grip and also reduce the risk of punctures during riding your bicycle.

After testing this carbon wheelset , Mavic Cosmic SL 65 got an excellent reviews in Indian road cycling and also became a perfect choice of riders looking for fastest wheels in India.

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