Lake TX223-X Air (Navy Blue White)

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Lake quickly became a household name for cycling shoes. As the sport grew in North America, so did the versatility and demand for more styles. The MXZ303 (winter boot) was created because of a very cold climate that hit Lake’s headquarters every year, the shores of Lake Michigan, where temperatures are quite possibly the coldest in North America. Many other innovative designs have come from Lake’s shoe collections over the years. More recently Lake was the first to design and produce the MX 331 Cyclocross specific model and today it remains the “holy grail” of cyclocross shoes.

Lake's pride has grown out of a simple fact, that they are first to market with many if not most new developments in cycling shoes. Unlike most companies in the marketplace, they haven’t been distracted by entering into different cycling product categories, they have remained true to their core value and that is to produce the best fitting, highest quality cycling shoe on the market.

Lake TX223-X Air (Navy Blue White)

The Lake TX223 Air triathlon shoe in the X version for wider feet

The Lake TX223 Air triathlon shoe combines comfort, style and maximum functionality. The upper is made of Clarino microfiber and NuFoam and the lining is made of TrekDry. This makes the shoe extremely breathable, lightweight, antimicrobial and moisture is optimally transported away. The shoe has two Velcro closures for quick closure of the shoes. TX AIR provides additional ventilation with enlarged mesh inserts in the toe area.

The shoe is closed with a 40mm velcro fastener at the top and a second, smaller one at the forefoot.

Stability is provided by the outsole made from 100% Lake Race carbon fibers and Competition lasts guarantee optimal power transmission. They ensure that the power is optimally transferred to the pedals and at the same time they offer more space for the forefoot and thus a pleasant, comfortable feeling on very long distances.

Highlights of the Lake TX223-X Air Wide triathlon shoe:

- Clarino microfiber and NuFoam upper.

- Lining made of TrekDry

- Lining extremely breathable, lightweight and antimicrobial

- Optimal moisture transport

- Two hook and loop closures on the midfoot

- Large 40mm hook and loop closure at the top

- Lake Race 100% Carbon Fiber Sole

- Competition Last

- Optimal power transmission

- More space for the forefoot

- Comfortable feel on very long runs

- Enlarged mesh inserts in the toe area


Lake TX223-X Air (Navy Blue White)

Sold out

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