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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for MAVIC.

Disc brakes is definitely the way forward for Road as well as Triathlon bikes! It for sure increases the stability of the bike and improves the braking performance of the bike by leaps and bounds.

Ksyrium Elite is the ultimate Endurance Alloy Wheelset, providing the ultra smooth rolling across the terrains, best suited for your long comfortable hours on the saddle.

Ksyrium Elite has been proven across the world as a lightweight, strong and versatile wheelset.

About Ksyrium Elite

Ksyrium Elite is the wheelset on which you can accelerate faster on the climbs and also sprint faster on the rolling and flat terrains. The 19mm internal rim width increases the air volume in your tyres, making your overall machine very much race ready and comfortable for endurance.

The double butted steel spokes lead to a massive weight reduction, resulting in a fast and comfortable ride in any format of the race and long ride.

The 24 spokes in both front and rear are there for optimized brake torque distribution. Overall, this wheelset is fantastic for your everyday road training and racing.

Freehub Body : Shimano/SRAM Type

​Weight : 1520 Grams (Pair)

Spoke Type : Straight Pull and Flat

Material : Maxtal Aluminum

Compatibility : Quick Release Only (Rim Brake Bikes)

Rim Depth : 25 mm

Engineered with UST Technology

Tubeless Ready

The world is slowly moving towards Tubeless Ready wheelsets! So ride the wheels with your traditional tube and tyre setup, and in the future, this wheelset gives you an opportunity to go tubeless when your riding demands the same!

Maxtal Aluminum  

MAXTAL – An aluminum alloy that is very light for its weight. A similar alloy has been used on the TGV super trains that rocket people around the French countryside in comfort at high speed. Mavic uses MAXTAL on all Ksyrium wheels


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