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An intuitive, high quality, and useful multi-tool from KMC. It combines a set of strong and durable tire levers with an easy-to-use chain link remover. The tool has been perfectly designed to be able to perform both tasks with ease so neither job will suffer due to it being a multi-tool. The central pin of the missing link remover can also be used to put pressure on the valve to deflate the tire when being changed over.


With the initial intention in mind, KMC had always focused on-chain and became a renowned chain brand with the most significant market share all over the world.
With a dedication to the innovation and development of the chain, KMC is constantly awarded international design awards, including the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. KMC welcomes business partners to join the leading brand bicycle chain.





Interlock the levers to create a MissingLink opener. Remove single to 12-speed MissingLinks with ease

An accurate and comfortable design allows you to quickly insert the opener into the chain for MissingLink removal.

Made using Swiss polymers specially formulated for the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility. The semi-gloss finish helps prevent scratches on your bike.

Separated, the MissingLink Opener becomes an easy-to-use tire lever and a deflating tool.

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