Kask Utopia Y (White Matt)

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KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, rescue or safety world.

Born in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company, a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy's market-leading factories, in this short time the company has gone through a tremendous evolution marked by success all along the way. KASK has been awarded with prizes like ISPO and Eurobike.

KASK's mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. KASK is constantly researching and looking for ways to go beyond and improve the quality of KASK helmets even further.

Beyond the best quality of the materials and the unique elegance of KASK design, KASK safety helmets for outdoor sports grant athletes the priceless freedom in knowing that they are protected. KASK's perfectly ergonomic helmets, produced entirely in Italy, were developed to fit the needs of world's top athletes, and therefore they ensure the wearer unparalleled comfort even in the most rigorous circumstances.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for KASK Helmets



The new Kask Utopia Y 2023 comes with the aerodynamic and top performing shell, tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.


The new overinjected rubber dial provides improved finger grip.
The vertical stabiliser has been redesigned for greater stability
providing a customised fit for riders with longer hair.


The chinstrap of this helmet is antiallergic and washable, so it feels extremely comfortable while riding on the road, and it also helps to prevent skin irritation.


  • In addition to being aerodynamic, Kask Utopia Y offers lightweight capabilities for the comfortable riding .


Kask Utopia Y 2023 has the inner padding fiber which speeds up the evaporation process and slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.


Structure and design of the shell implement the air flow and break up the exchangeable heat.


RWderselcome to a new era of aerodynamics and ventilation, where speed and comfort are of the utmost essence. For cyclists who place a premium on the pursuit of marginal gains, they can’t afford to be dragged down by inefficiencies. Fit means faster to a triathlete or road racer; their helmet is an essential tool on the path to the podium.
Reflective graphics promote greater visibility when riding in traffic. Developed in collaboration with the pros, the Utopia Y is a replica of the helmets currently used by KASK’s professional teams and athletes.
The Utopia Y isn’t just fantasy. This updated edition comes in a wide variety of colors, from the traditional White Matt, White, Black Matt, and Black options to the more striking Oxford Blue, Red, and Grey.
Riders riding on roadbike or on TT bikes will enjoy the mechanism of the this helmet and they will surely save the watt due to its aerodymanic feature. In reviewing riders' feedback, Kask Utopia Y has come up with lots of new specifications that have impressed Indian cyclists.

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