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The true science of KASK helmets goes beyond advanced engineering. It’s in the seamless blending of this with distinctive style.

While the tech — the result of thousands of hours spent reducing weight and increasing breathability while adding strength and then rigorously testing — silently goes about its business keeping you comfortable and safe, the design boldly states Italian vivacity and verve.

So while you may not notice your KASK helmet (for all the right reasons), everyone else will feel very impressive. KASK believe a helmet should make you feel more than just safe.

It is basically designed to help you fly into a new decade with a new level of comfort, protection and also style. It’s protection elevated to an art-form, lifting your slope confidence and presence to new altitudes.

The All-New MOJITO is completely redesigned with the WG11 technology.


The new Mojito3 is safer than ever which has passed the KASK WG11 test and surpasses European safety standards by 48%, allowing you to ride with added peace of mind without any risk in cycling.


This helmet has an iconic design which delivers a magnificent look that makes you feel like a pro cyclist while riding in a peloton or your weekend ride.


Reap the benefits of riding with sweat-wicking Blue Tech padding and an optimised ventilation system, with extra large vents, helping you to stay cool at all times.t


THE MOJITO³ is designed with an ergonomic Octo Fit retention system which has Rubberised Micro Dial adjuster that provides improved finger grip.

Not only that it has high visibility stickers for maximum safety even in poor visibility conditions, the Kask helmets have MIT technology which guarantees a higher safety and complete protection on your bicycle.

The Kask helmets have new technology that includes inner padding fabric treated with the antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitized process.

Due to various new upgradation and technologies, reviews on this helmet are very positive across the globe,and its iconic tail design makes this helmet absolutely magnificent in its look which makes the cyclist buy this amazing helmet for their better cycling life.

Kask Mojito³ is 230 grams in weight which is extremely light, and increases the cyclist's comfort and durability to carry the helmets for long distance bicycle riding.

The Most Popular Helmet Of KASK Just Got More Popular!

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