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The ISM Adamo Road Model has brought about a revolutionary shift in design and concepts, gaining immense popularity among triathletes since its introduction in 2006. Its exceptional comfort in time trial (TT) positions has made it a preferred choice. Engineered with 30-series foam and gel padding, it perfectly suits triathlons, time trials, and road cycling.

Similar to other PS saddles, the Road Model boasts a slight upward incline at the rear, delivering excellent hip support for riders leaning forward in the aero position or adopting an aggressive road riding stance. This design caters to athletes who maintain a steady position on the seat without excessive movement. It has particularly garnered favor among triathletes and time trialists utilizing aero bars or seeking a stable posture on flat courses.

Characteristic of all ISM saddles, the Road Model is distinguished by its absence of a nose, a feature aimed at alleviating pressure from sensitive tissues. This design ensures optimal blood circulation, prevents discomfort in the genital area, and promotes a healthier and more enjoyable cycling experience.


  • The sloped rear section provides maximum hip support
  • Rear transition hook
  • 100mm fore-aft rail adjustment
  • Mid-weight foam padding with Gel inserts
  • Patented design that eliminates the "nose" part of the traditional saddle
  • Eliminates pressure on the perineum area resulting in improved blood flow

Commonly Used For:

  • Endurance Bikes
  • Triathlon bikes
  • Time Trial bikes


  • Category: Performance Short
  • Length: 240mm
  • Width: 135mm
  • Padding: 30-series Foam and Gel
  • Rails: Chromoly

Ideal for all riding styles and positions

  • 30 level padding
  • 245 mm long, 130mm wide
  • Steel rails.

3 months warranty from the date of purchase.