Continental Gator Hardshell Road Bike Tyre (28mm)

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Continental Tyres are always the first choice for Indian Cyclists, considering their superior rolling and the best puncture protection in the world. To buy Continental tires in India, Mastermind has the widest range of products in the portfolio.

A tyre that sets the standard for durability and grip quality, Continental's Gator Hardshell model is a high mileage rider's dream tyre. Constructed with a Duraskin® edge-to-edge protection, the hard shell casing extends into the sidewall. This is combined with a PolyX Breaker that covers the tyre's entire tread for even better puncture resistance.

Particulars Features

Tyre Type:


Bead Tyre:

Folding and wire bead options


DuraSkin protection

Puncture Protection:

PolyX Breaker and Puncture resistance (More Durable)

Tubeless Compatible:



Continental's Gatorskin race bike tyre had filled a gap for hardcore commuters but they wanted more; MORE casing; MORE breaker; MORE protection...

Taking the Gatorskin as the base, Continental added a third Polyamide layer in the sidewall to make a unique 3-ply casing for the Gator Hardshell.

They also added a wider Poly-X anti puncture breaker belt under the tread which extends down into the shoulder area for wider coverage.

Add this to the Duraskin anti-tear mesh on the outside of the casing and you are presented with a tougher commuter which is also fast and is available in 700x23 up to 32 plus 27 x 1 1/4.

- Modelled on the famous Gatorskin race bike tyre

- More reinforcement for the modern commuter

- Including the Duraskin & Poly-X technologies

- All wrapped in a Hardshell

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