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Since 2004, Fulcrum has developed wheels for bikes with a sole, constant objective in mind: to deliver the best performance that modern technology can offer.

A large part of this task is the responsibility of the R&D division engineering team in Italy. However, if you want to create ever faster wheels, you cannot focus solely on test bench results, you also need to gain feedback from top riders and cycling fans worldwide.

The Fulcrum range of road bike wheels offers lightweight and reliable wheelsets for every condition, course, discipline and budget. From the professional level full carbon aero wheels, to the high performance aluminium line, Fulcrum has the perfect wheel to match your performance. Our engineers have developed optimal technical solutions, from proprietary ceramic bearings to disc brakes and tubeless compatibility, to achieve minimal rolling resistance, ensure maximum safety and provide you with long-term reliable and trouble-free riding fun.



Fulcrum Racing 4 weighs 1760gm, which makes it the lightest alloy wheelset that can handle hills even with more power and better rolling.


The Fulcrum Racing 4 has 34mm rim width which is one of the best wheelset which can help you improve your training with greater power efficiency and will make you ready to perform on race day.


Our engineers carry out extensive aerodynamic research and development to create high profile alloy wheels that can achieve optimal air penetration and high speeds, without compromising handling, so that you can shave away precious time from your performance.

Fulcrum Racing 4

Fulcrum's Racing 4 wheelset has been updated to become a training/general purpose road wheel with a slight aerodynamic advantage. Not the lightest out there, but solid and durable, it should provide plenty of trouble-free miles, and the wider rim profile over its predecessor means it works better with wider tyres. The inner rim width of this latest Racing 4 has been increased from 17mm to 19mm, which means they offer a smooth transition between rim and the sidewalls of a 25mm or 28mm tyre.

Fulcrum has gone for an asymmetric rim, offsetting the spoke holes to increase the dishing (the angle of the spokes in relation to the hub) on the drive side for improved strength, which all helps to build the performance on the bike.

The hubs ran smoothly on their sealed bearings, and if you are a fan of a stealthy freehub then you'll like the Racing 4 DBs as they are pretty much silent when freewheeling. Fulcrum Racing 4 is the one of the best Wheelset which will increase your training efficiency upto the greater extent.

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