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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for FACTOR bikes.

Factor Bikes was conceived in Norfolk, England; from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering.

If you want to buy a Factor bike in India, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authourised and Exclusive Seller!


The OSTRO is an aero disc-brake frame which weighs just 780g. Using the very best materials and reaching such a low weight for its class, the OSTRO carries Factor’s VAM designation.

Every element of the OSTRO is optimized for aerodynamics. The mid-chord aero profile tube shapes, the wide stance fork featuring Factor's pioneering Reversing Flow Energizing Channel, and the aero cockpit with fully integrated cabling. The net result is a superlight bike that is ready to blitz as soon as you hop onto the saddle.

The tube profiles are optimized for ride quality and aero to weight balance by truncating the aero section aggressively. As well as being lighter, stiffer and more compliant, these truncated aero sections also reduce drag in crosswinds and better accommodate bottles on the bike. In designing the OSTRO, Factor considered every aspect of the frame and applied the optimum aero profile, with particular regard to the transitions between frame sections like down tube to seat tube, fork and head tube to down tube and to performance across a full range of effective wind angles.

The OSTRO achieves its remarkably smooth ride in three key ways: Tyre clearance, Ultra-thin seatstays, and Carbon fibre layup.

The OSTRO VAM, is undoubtably the best all round lightest performance road bike in the market. We fondly call it The Master of All Trades. Period.

Pencil Thin Seatstays

At the rear, pencil thin seat stays are designed to absorb road noise and cushion bumps. Furthermore, they meet the seat tube at a dropped angle which encourages the seat tube and seatpost to cantilever around the seat cluster to create an effective amount of controlled travel at the saddle.

Integrated Barstem

The one-piece, aerodynamic Black Inc Barstem reduces drag by meeting clean incoming airflow with a clean shape. A 125mm drop and 80mm reach offer the perfect fit for all riding positions. 100% carbon, zero inserts. Internal Cable Routing for electronic shifting & machined aluminum computer mount for Garmin and Wahoo.

Electronic Shifting Only

In line with customer demand and enabling aero drag and weight savings, the OSTRO is built exclusively for electronic shifting groupsets.

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket

Used for the first time in a Factor, the CeramicSpeed threaded T47 standard ensures a secure fit and easy maintenance.

Wide Stance Fork

The new wide stance fork features Factor's highly innovative Reversing Flow Energizing Channel. Both the channel and the fork’s wide stance address the aerodynamic challenge of incoming airflow meeting the ‘reversing flow’ of air carried by the wheel and tyre moving forwards through the fork.

100% Carbon Fibre

Factor has renowned expertise in carbon fibre. Manufactured in their own facility, they are able to iterate almost endlessly during the R&D phase of any project. For the OSTRO, the carbon layup was continuously refined in order to achieve a high level of frame compliance without sacrificing any of the power transfer efficiency.

Full Integration

Fully internal cabling brings further gains and Factor has achieved this while maintaining a 1β…›” top headset bearing for optimized frontal area, whereas many other brands increase the head tube size to accommodate internal cabling, cancelling out the benefits.

Black Inc Sixty Wheelset

The Black Inc Sixty deep section wheelset go very well with the OSTRO VAM. They make the bike a aerodynamic masterpiece ready to cut wind like a pro.

Disc Brakes

What's in the box ?

  • Frame and Fork
  • Integrated Barstem
  • Seat Post
  • CeramicSpeed BB
  • CeramicSpeed Headstem
  • Bar tape + Computer mount (Garmin & Wahoo)


Handling and position geometry are standardized with other Factor models and virtually identical to the O2 and O2 VAM. Stack and reach progression is linear throughout the size range. New mid-depth profile, lightweight seatpost balances weight and aerodynamics.



The OSTRO continues to flicker in our eyes since the we built it.

Sold out

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