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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for FACTOR bikes.

Factor Bikes was conceived in Norfolk, England; from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering.

Factor’s O2 is a refined all-rounder, built for speed and comfort during long days in the saddle. It is a perfect combination of Speed and Endurance embedded in one machine.

The O2 VAM is the lightest road bike frame, featuring fully internal cable routing, and it excels like no other when the road points up and stays there. This ultralight frame is seemingly immune to gravity when climbing, yet also carves confidently and predictably through corners when descending.

If you want to buy a Factor bike in India, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorised and Exclusive Seller!

Integrated Cable System

Updated and redefined for 2020, the O2 VAM now features fully internal cabling. Factor’s engineering team have created an innovative ultralight internal cable routing system that maintains the frame’s low-profile headtube, stiffness goals and tyre clearance, and even lowers the weight of the complete system. It’s win-win.

Factor's complete integration system uses a D-shaped steerer tube, which is reinforced for impact strength and acts as a guide for hoses. A custom headset compression plug has been specifically designed to function like a standard plug, meaning it can be easily trimmed, maintained and adjusted.

Highest Stiffness-To-Weight

Low weight doesn’t have to come at the expense of ride dynamics and quality. Despite its status as Factor’s lightest production bike, the O2 VAM remains stiff and responsive under power, shattering the glass ceiling that has for too long been imposed upon ultralight performance frames.

Instead of relying upon a collection of temperamental and difficult to obtain ultralight components to hit target weights, Factor challenged themselves to deliver weight savings within the chassis. The goal? To allow the O2 VAM to be assembled into an ultralight bike with standard components, so its rider can enjoy the thrill of a featherweight bike with the reliability and compatibility of standardised kit.

What Factor have achieved with the O2 VAM is a frame including all assembly parts with a weight of 677g unpainted (size 54, disc). Three paint finishes are available which vary between 20-45g in weight.

Carefully Considered Integration

The O2 VAM uses a standard size (1-β…›) upper headset bearing system to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the frame and retain the aero benefits over using a wider bearing. Unlike many manufacturers, the bearing width and headtube are not increased to facilitate an internal system. The end result is a beautifully integrated O2 VAM that retains its elegant silhouette and improves aerodynamics by hiding the cables.

Brilliantly Engineered

Applying Factor’s ethos of zero compromises, the O2 VAM is the result of the most substantial engineering breakthrough in carbon bike manufacturing in decades. Ultra high-pressure moulds allow the removal of excessive resin from our base material, making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient.

The O2 VAM incorporates boron within the seat-tube. This allows a reduction in weight while adding both stability and strength. The resulting structural integrity dovetails with a meticulously designed BB junction, providing instantaneous power transfer. Textreme, a ‘spread-tow’ carbon fibre, is also used as the deepest layer, a fibre that is easily shaped into complex areas, meaning it can be used more efficiently. Pitch carbon fibre is the final addition and has been used in the top tube and down tube. It is ultra-high modulus and therefore astoundingly stiff.

Perfectly Balanced

With WorldTour-proven handling, the geometry of the O2 VAM is ready to descend as aggressively as you are, yet also deliver the comfort, stability and predictability to navigate your own multi-day mountain adventures. With consistent trail across the entire size range and progressive stack and reach, O2 Series fit is surprise-free and straightforward, regardless of size.

Advanced Frame Design

Wide Stance Seat Stays

To help with lateral stiffness in the rear triangle while keeping the seat stays thin for compliance and comfort.

Bottom Bracket

A meticulously designed BB junction provides instantaneous power transfer and serves as the beating heart of the O2 VAM.

Svelte Fork

Numerous lay-ups and endless hours spent perfecting the design, every element of O2’s Svelte Fork focuses on the ultimate goal of increased control, stiffness, and comfort.

Class-Leading Design Features

Lightweight Seatpost Clamp

Ultra-lightweight seatpost clamp with a large clamping area gives strong resistance to the seatpost and compatibility with thinner and lighter seatposts.

Direct Mount Rear Derailleur Hanger

Direct Mount Rear Derailleur Hanger which is easy to install and improve shifting performance on certain systems.

Split Spacers

Split spacers will also allow the rider to raise or lower the cockpit to suit their fit.


Fully integrated cables

Brand new fork design with a D-shaped steerer

Split spacers raise or lower the cockpit

Widestance Seat Stays

Integrated Carbon Headset

Svelte Fork


"Lean, mean and incredibly nimble, the Factor O2 VAM Disc takes feather-weight road bike performance to a whole new level – it’s practically faultless. – Five Stars"


"Factor has managed to innovate, and the VAM represents some of the best technology on the market. The end result is a WorldTour dream bike with a little individuality, which is a rare thing these days."



"Factor made their name thanks to their meticulous engineering and performance-oriented designs. Remember when disc brake bikes were thought to be too heavy for a performance road bike? Factor continues to dispel such notions by cutting frame weight to make a 15-pound disc brake bike not just acceptable but preferable."



With the O2 VAM, you just enter the magical world of Cycling.

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