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Factor Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed, and performance through advanced engineering; their soul lives in the union of technology and integration, while their heritage stems come from advanced motorsport and aviation.

Factor first entered into the cycling world in 2009 with the revolutionary FACTOR001: its unique take on the road racing bicycle was a marvel as much for its beauty as its unique sophistication. It was years ahead of its time. As we’ve continued to grow and evolve, our core commitment hasn’t wavered: our engineering team continually pushes the envelope of what is possible.

Early the following year, Factor's engineering team begins to develop their next generation of frames: the ONE, ONE-S, and the O2. While they have worked closely with pro riders in the past, they felt the changes required a more critical, race-proven, eye. Baden was a top professional for 14 years, an Olympian, winning over 50 races. In 2003 Baden sprinted his way to a stage win and the overall Green jersey in the Tour de France.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive distributor of India for Factor bikes

Conquer fast and long days in the saddle, with the light, stable and ever capable O2!


With World Tour-proven handling, the geometry of the O2 Series descends aggressively, yet still delivers the comfort, stability and predictability to navigate the third week of a Grand Tour.

Power Drivetrain

At the core of the Power Drivetrain sits the asymmetric bottom bracket, the design of which facilitates a smooth yet stiff transition between the asymmetric downtube and the tall chainstays. The continuous downtube-to-chainstay structure of the O2 frame provides unparalleled stiffness for minimum energy loss and maximum acceleration.

Asymmetrical Downtube

This serves as the backbone of the frame connecting the headtube to the bottom bracket. O2’s asymmetrical downtube provides a perfect balance of torsional and vertical stiffness and is largely responsible for the highly reactive and lively nature of the bike.

Wide Stance Seat Stays

Wide stance seat stays help with lateral stiffness in the rear triangle while keeping the seat stays thin for compliance and comfort.

Brilliantly Engineered

Applying Factor’s ethos of zero compromises, O2 is the result of the most substantial engineering breakthrough in carbon bike manufacturing in decades.

Svelte Fork

Numerous layups and endless hours spent perfecting the design, every element of O2’s Svelte Fork focuses on the ultimate goal of increased control, stiffness, and comfort. Precise and light, the Svelte Fork uses a tapered steerer tube for increased steering precision and aerodynamic gains.

About Factor 02 (Rim Brake)

Factor’s O2 is a refined all-rounder, built for speed and comfort during long days in the saddle. Redesigned from the inside-out utilizing the revolutionary manufacturing methods of the O2 VAM, the second generation of the O2 is strong, light and packed with class-leading technology.

Versatility is achieved through geometry specifically optimised for consistent handling across all sizes. Rear mechanical trail increases reflecting the higher centre of gravity of larger sized riders.

The internal routing for the O2 series accommodates both electronic and mechanical shifting while remaining mechanic-friendly and lightweight. Ultra high pressure molds allow the removal of excessive resin from our base material, making the carbon strong, light and more efficient.



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