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<Please Note, this is NOT the price for the Complete Bike! The price for the complete bike will start from Rs. 3,89,000 Onwards.>

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for FACTOR bikes.

Factor Bikes was conceived in Norfolk, England; from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering.

Factor’s LS is the versatile gravel bike from the family of FACTOR Bikes. When the whole world is moving towards Gravel Bikes now, even to ride on the tarmac roads, Factor LS is surely going to be the choice of many athletes !

If you want to buy a Factor bike in India, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorised and Exclusive Seller!

Conquer the Uneven Roads!

Unapologetically, the LS is built to conquer the uneven city roads, the gravel roads of the country side, or also the smooth tarmac of the urban jungle with equal ease!

The LS is optimized around 40 to 43 mm tires and is compatible with both 1x and 2x electronic and mechanical shifting.

With shorter seat stays and refined steering trail, racers maintain the ability to react in a heartbeat to the often unpredictable dirt road conditions while still running tires with appropriate volume for fast riding on rough gravel.

Gravel Bikes are the ultimate choice of the city riders in India, needing the stability of the wider tyres and the aerodynamic style of the road bikes!

Form Follows Function

LS is simply the most simple combination of racing inheritance and comfort riding through the city roads.

Intentionally stripped of distracting features and excess materials, LS is meticulously crafted, solely focusing on the essence of gravel racing: speed and grit.

Perfectly balanced geometry and stiffness aids in powerful acceleration and climbing, diverging from traditional, pack-animal gravel bikes. LS offers the correct stiffness for aggressive riding to outperform the group without beating on the racer.

Gravel Bikes are the most versatile in nature!

You put a 28mm tyre on them, they give you all the thrill of a road bike!

You put a 40mm tyre on them, they take you through the most unforgivable roads in your city!

Can there be anything more versatile?? We will wait!

WorldTour Proven Geometry

By working alongside the highest level of cycling professionals, Factor specializes in making performance-oriented machines based on the exacting needs of racers.

Avoiding trade-offs associated with accommodating the larger tire sizes preferred by gravel racers, the geometry is optimized to ensure exceptionally reactive handling.

You are just one step away from the ever so versatile Factor LS!

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