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Over the last 20 years, EVOC has traveled to more than 50 destinations.

EVOC discovered fantastic places and found some amazing downhill runs. So, they began to develop and produce this best equipment according to their personal preferences: top-quality, sophisticated products with useful features.

EVOC stands for evolution and the concept of high-quality, sporty backpacks, bags, and luggage – with a particular focus on the proper protection of man and material.

EVOC is best in their quality, functionality, and durability when they made new products. EVOC is going good in setting example of design, comfort, and protection. proud to say that they are setting trends when it comes to design, comfort, and protection.

EVOC is still testing all products themselves and is working every day to improve them just that little bit more. EVOC is taking care of every single product – and in everything they do, they try and convey their passion for sports and travel.

Among all the bike shops in India, MasterMind is an Exclusive Distributor of EVOC bags.




This Seat Bag Tour has water repellent material which helps the rider to keep their essentials very safe in the rainy season.


This material strongly has no harm on the seat post and also it is supremely resistant to chemical and air moisture.


EVOC has given an additional feature of backlight clip where you can easily place your bike light that leads to your safety.

                  WHY EVOC SEAT BAG TOUR ?

The Seat Bag Tour uses a traditional three velcro strap design to secure the saddlebag to the seat rails and the seat post.

The saddlebag has more than enough capacity for multiple road cycling tubes and gear for anything from commuting or longer self-supported rides.

The water repellent design and sleek exterior also make the Seat Bag Tour standout from other saddlebags on the market.

If you are looking for a good sized saddlebag with plenty of storage, this Seat Bag Tour is hard to beat against any of the saddlebags.

You don't see your Saddle Bag while riding, but it defines what the rider behind sees of you!

Sold out

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