Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro (Black)

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Over the last 20 years, EVOC has traveled to more than 50 destinations.

EVOC discovered fantastic places and found some amazing downhill runs. So, they began to develop and produce this best equipment according to their personal preferences: top-quality, sophisticated products with useful features.

EVOC stands for evolution and the concept of high-quality, sporty backpacks, bags, and luggage – with a particular focus on the proper protection of man and material.

EVOC is best in their quality, functionality, and durability when they made new products. And EVOC is going good in setting good example of design, comfort, and protection. proud to say that they are setting trends when it comes to design, comfort, and protection.

EVOC still testing all products themselves and is working every day to improve them just that little bit more. EVOC is taking care of every single product – and in everything they do, they try and convey their passion for sports and travel.

Among all the bike shop in India MasterMind is an Exclusive Distributor of EVOC bags.

Revolutionary hybrid road-, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and
convenient bike transportation.


EVOC has made an upgrade that while disassembling the bike you have to remove only wheels and pedals which saves your time.


EVOC made their products light in weight, and it is much safer to carry your bicycle in these bike bag for the long-distance tour.


EVOC road bike bag has an extra-wide wheel chassis, front auxiliary wheel, and multiple hand grips which makes it easy to carry your bicycle with more pleasure.


EVOC Road Bike Pro Bag is the ultimate solution to carry your bicycle for a long-distance tour.

This bike bag is effortless to handle that saves your time and makes it super easy in packing the bicycle. This bike bag includes a new road bike stand to fix your bike with a more proper sense which increases the transport safety of your bicycle.

EVOC provides you a replaceable skate wheel which is a manual machine that increases your comfort to carry your road bike more quickly.

EVOC has delivered a maximum height of 86cm which is between to lower part of the chainring and the top part of the saddle. This specification helps you to get enough space to settle down your road bike more efficiently and with more safety.

Buying this product will surely reward you for your price money. And your bike will find a new friend to explore over World Wide.


Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro (Black)

Sold out

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