About Bike Bag Pro

The lightweight and robust travel bag is the secure high-end solution for easy bike transport. No matter what kind of bike you travel with: its sophisticated geometry and the adjustable BIKE STAND PRO keep the bike perfectly protected throughout its journey.    

  • Fits most : Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill-Bikes up to 29",
  • Gravel Road-, and Triathlon-bikes  

External, seperate wheel compartments with DISC PROTECTION


  • Maximum wheelbase: 130 cm

Maximum Protection, Minimum Weight

The fragile areas are optimally protected by intelligent reinforcing elements (polycarbonate covers, moulded EVA shell cases, PE boards and rods, foam padding) for the neuralgic points.

Easy Transportation

The wheel compartments and the major part of the frame weight are in the rear section of the bag, which means that the centre of gravity is located over the wide and stable trolley parts. Because of this, it is extremely easy to pull the EVOC BIKE TRAVEL BAGS; and the multiple and usefully positioned handles make handling easier when loading the bike.

Reinforced Fork Mount

The fork is mounted to the rigid foam block with paddings. The fork ends are additionally protected by a plastic plate in the bottom.

However, we strongly recommend buying the original EVOC Fork Adapter, to add extra safety to the fork and tension-free travel across the globe.

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