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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for MAVIC.

Cosmic Pro Carbon is one of the most proven wheelsets from the MAVIC stable, with unmatchable performance among the carbon wheels range, making it truly the best buy in the Indian Athlete Industry today.

This is truly one of the best and beautiful Carbon Wheel Set you can gift your beloved bike!

About Cosmic Pro Carbon

Cosmic Pro Carbon wheels have long been a leader in maximising peformance, especially when it comes to blending aerodynamics and responsiveness.

This is more of an all-rounder wheelset, giving an absolute balanced combination of Aero Efficiency and Quick Acceleration. Whether you are Racing, doing your Triathlons or belting your Long Distance Brevets, this wheelset is not going to let you down!

The new rim design reduces the probability of pinch flats to a great extent, gives lesser rolling weight resulting in greater efficiency and grip.

Freehub Body : Shimano/SRAM Type

​Weight : 1650 Grams (Pair)

Spoke Type : Straight Pull and Flat

Material : 3K Carbon Fibre

Compatibility : Quick Release Only (Rim Brake Bikes)

Rim Depth : 40 mm

Engineered with UST Technology

Tubeless Ready

The world is slowly moving towards Tubeless Ready wheelsets! So ride the wheels with your traditional tube and tyre setup, and in the future, this wheelset gives you an opportunity to go tubeless when your riding demands the same!

Intact Carbon Layers

The all important carbon layers in the bed are wholly intact! There is no cutting, no artificial filling by the machines! By keeping the carbon layers intact in the bed, Mavic gives a thorough structual integrity to the wheels


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