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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for MAVIC.

Because of Cosmic Elite wheelset, the top aero performance is now possible in a budget friendly Alloy wheelset! This is a fast rolling and an effective wheelset, giving immense vertical compliance and stability because of its rim depth and width.

This is truly one of the superb choices currently available in India for an avid Cyclist or a Triathlete, looking to improve his/her performance without splurging big money.

About Cosmic Elite

Cosmic Elite is a perfect entry point into high level racing performance. It is known to deliver a smoother ride, while retaining a lightweight feel for climbing and accelerating.

The highlight of this wheelset is the smooth QRM bearings which are incorporated in a perfect skeleton of spokes, giving an unbeatable performance to the rider who is willing to put that extra effort to extract the best out of it.

The extensive wind tunnel testing has proven that the depth of 30mm gives you a great benefit to cut the headwinds, and is also absolutely stable in the crosswinds.

Freehub Body : Shimano/SRAM Type

​Weight : 1870 Grams (Pair)

Spoke Type : Straight Pull and Flat

Material : S6000 Aluminum

Compatibility : Thru axle, easily convertible to Quick Release with included adapters

Rim Depth : 30mm

Engineered with UST Technology

Tubeless Ready

The world is slowly moving towards Tubeless Ready wheelsets! So ride the wheels with your traditional tube and tyre setup, and in the future, this wheelset gives you an opportunity to go tubeless when your riding demands the same!

Extensively Wind Tunnel Tested

The rim depth of 30mm gives you best of both the worlds, not compromising at all on the aerodynamics and also completely stable in cross winds. Even the rim width is carefully tuned to hit the sweet spot between stiffness, strength and weight.


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