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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for COLNAGO bikes.

Colnago is an absolute heritage brand in the world of Cycling. The story of Mr. Ernesto Colnago is poetry in itself. COLNAGO brand takes great pride in using the vintage technology, in combination with the latest carbon fibre grade, to create some magical masterpieces for the cyclists to ride.

If you want to buy a Colnago, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorized and Exclusive Seller!


Colnago Master is the brainchild of the Master himself - Mr. Ernesto Colnago. This frame has been the signature epitome of the brand COLNAGO. All through the years, when the Bicycle Industry went through tons of innovation, the Master stood its ground, the Master did not change. It remained a monument, to be passed from one generation to another.

Colnago Master is a work of art from the Master himself.


A true style icon with authoritative charisma.

The Colnago Logo 'Asso di Fiori' or Ace of Clubs.

The Colnago Master is a legacy, it is riding history.

The art decor scheme is something to behold.

You will never tire of seeing the hand painted rider on the top tube.

The lug work is absolutely immaculate.

It takes the purest of the Cyclist’s soul to own a COLNAGO MASTER.
In a world full of Carbon, it takes a heart of an absolute purist to choose Steel.

The Colnago Master is compatible with all modern group sets.

Supreme paint job on stellar steel tubes.

Capable of accomodating 130 mm axles and 25mm road bike tyres.


It would be a mistake to consider the MASTER as a poser bike, it is instead a real racing bike at heart. The geometry is classic Italian.
Be sure footed with the Colnago Master. It is an absolute pleasure to ride.


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