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The technology in Colnago is a beautiful story. A red thread that unites a 60-year journey, built on the incessant search for innovation and attention to details.

Technological excellence is combined in Colnago's glorious tradition, rich in success and prestigious collaborations.

Colnago is an absolute heritage brand in the world of Cycling. The story of Mr. Ernesto Colnago is poetry in itself.

COLNAGO brand takes great pride in using the vintage technology, in combination with the latest carbon fibre grade, to create some magical masterpieces for the cyclists to ride.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for Colnago Bikes.


Colnago C68 , The pinnacle of Colnago's craftmanship.

Frameset Dynamics

Precise and Sophisticated, The Colnago C68 is handbuilt in Cambiago, Italy.

Just like every Colnago C-series since the C40 debuted in 1994, the C68 is made of a bunch of smaller sections of frame that are glued together. But this time around, Colnago has decided to do away with previous generations’ more traditional lugged aesthetic, instead switching to a multi-piece construction method that leaves the majority of the joints invisible. All but two of the bond lines are essentially seamless, further hidden under a generous helping of paint. And the bond joints that Colnago intentionally leaves prominently displayed at the head tube and seat cluster don’t stand out like they once did.

Modular Construction

The C68 is made from multiple individual pieces with a modular construction. Colnago is combining mordern styles and performance with the benefits of a lugged construction.

The old lobed tube cross-sections have also been abandoned in favor of a more aerodynamic truncated airfoil profile, and the D-shaped carbon fiber seatpost is even shared with the more competition-minded V3Rs. Down below is a T47 threaded bottom bracket, there’s a new one-piece CC.01 carbon fiber bar-and-stem with fully internal routing, and at least for now, the C68 is only offered for use with disc brakes and electronic drivetrains.

Advantages of Multi-piece frame construction

Thers's better control of the carbon lamination because it uses smaller moulds and fewer carbon parts per components.

The more open design of the frame-parts also means the mould designs can use higher pressures on the inside compared to a monocoque, making for stronger elements.

It allows much more "Tuning" of the frame to meet a rider's needs more closely


C68's head tube design allows for internal routing without intruding on the standard 1-1/8 round fork steerer

The use of an oversized upper headset bearing allows the lines to pass in between the fork and headset without having to resort to any weird shapes; the C68’s steerer tube is gloriously round, and has a wholly normal 1 1/8″ diameter. There’s a channeled split ring to guide the lines, and while there’s no steel ring to guard the steerer tube from damage over time, the split ring itself appears to be made of some kind of reinforced plastic, which should presumably be easier on the composite material than machined aluminum.


The new Shimano Ultegra R8170 Di2 Disc groupset really closes the gap to Dura-Ace. Unless you particularly want to spend more, or need to save that little bit of weight, there is no point in looking past Ultegra R8170. The shifting is smoother across the cassette than previously, and the brakes have improved too. It is just brilliant.


Completely redesigned, it is more stiff and resistant and weighs 40 grams less. The C68’s fork has been fully redesigned, with an external rib-shape to give the rider more comfort but also to increase the ride-quality

Bottom Bracket

The C68 uses the T47 bottom bracket standard, incorporated with the seat tube.


The Colnago C68 adopts CeramicSpeed’s Solid Lubrication Technology (SLT) for the bike’s headset.

This effectively (and in theory) means a maintenance-free system that Colnago and CeramicSpeed back up with a lifetime warranty.

The oversized and elongated steerer cap also intergrates a 10-function Multi-tool.


The Prologo Scratch M5 is designed to be the next level of performance. This technology is the same used in Formula1, patented by Prologo for the cycling industry. The 3D polymer cones maximize the grip when assuming an aggressive position and help to change position quickly on the saddle

Hydraulic Disc Brake

The Colnago C68 comes equipped with Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic Disc Brakes, delivering instant power and modulation on a bike whilst riding your pride and joy.

About Colnago C68

The C68 is the pinnacle of the evolution of Colnago history, it’s the lug construction at its extreme development, it’s where 68 years of frame design meet the future. C68 is simply the new milestone.

Colnago is all about passion and heritage and exclusivity. They create elegant and breakthrough products that elevate everyone's life standards and inspire each person to experience a sophisticated and exclusive way of living.

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