Ceramicspeed UFO Clean Degreaser

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CeramicSpeed is proud to introduce UFO Clean, a unique and highly effective drivetrain cleaner. UFO Clean for drivetrains has until now only been used behind closed doors in the preparation labs, stripping all chains of the factory grease and contamination, preparing them for the UFO treatment into becoming the fast UFO Racing Chains.

Designed by the in-house chemist of CeramicSpeed, Dr. Lina Søbjerg, UFO Clean dissolves wax whilst remaining 100% biodegradable. The formula thoroughly removes grease and grime from all drivetrain components using a unique blend of environmentally friendly ingredients to dissolve wax and dirt from internal rollers and all surfaces of chain links, preparing the chain for optimal application of chain coating or lube.

UFO Clean provides the cleanest surface for re-application for all chains and the perfect choice for efficient cleaning of drivetrains.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is the Exclusive Distributor of India for CeramicSpeed. To buy this product line in the world, we are a One-Stop shop in retail and online.

Advantages of UFO Clean Drivetrain

• Non-toxic and biodegradable formula is environmentally friendly and safe

• Designed and formulated to clean and prepare chains for wax coatings - stripping them from factory grease and contamination

• Perfect for cleaning all drivetrain components

• Developed, tested and produced in Denmark

The CMO of CeramicSpeed said, “We understand how important a smooth-running bike is to our customers who want to spend as much of their time riding as possible. Regularly maintaining your bike with a fuss-free solution is key. We have benefited greatly from this formula in-house so it makes perfect sense to share with a wider market.”

UFO Clean Drivetrain is safe for use on the drivetrains of all bike types including bare carbon and e-bikes; effectively removing the build-up of dirt on chains, cassettes, chainrings, and pulley wheels. The formula is suitable for all riding including road, CX, gravel, off-road and others.

This is the most powerful Degreaser in the market! It's a must have!

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