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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor of India for CEEPO bikes.

Ceepo is one of the top brands in the world of Cycling and specially Triathlon. The story of Mr. Joe Tanaka, the Founder of Ceepo, is an absolute inspiration. At his age, he still competes in the Ironman races, and ranks among the best of athletes.

Ceepo is a brand, making ONLY Carbon bikes, and Geometries ONLY focussed towards Triathlons, making it one of the best brands available in India today for athletes focussed towards Triathlon.

If you want to buy a Ceepo bike in India, Mastermind Bicycle Studio is your Authorised and Exclusive Seller!

About Ceepo Venom

Ceepo Venom is an absolute Race Ready Machine in every sense! For a strong athlete and a budget conscious rider, there will be no more compromise now in India! In its class and range, Ceepo Venom will by far be the best Triathlon Bike in the category.

It is manufactured from a Top Grade Carbon Fibre, making it perfectly stable, stiff and efficient for your Long Distance Triathlons.

If you are aiming the Podiums in your Age Category, and don't want to splurge the Lakhs on an expensive bike, this top Triathlon Bike is your best choice for the Ironman and other Distance Triathlon Races!


Full Carbon Monocoque Frameset - No compromise in the Carbon Fibre Grade

2020 Model : This is the Latest in the Ceepo portfolio, the best in line for your taste!

Electronic Shifting Ready: In future, if you upgrade to Di2, this frameset is very well capable of that

Bottom Bracket 386EVO : Currently the highest and the best bottom bracket standard in the world

Direct Mount Brake Calipers : For improved stability and balance of the wheels

Weight : 1350 Grams for the Frameset, making it absolutely competitive with even the most expensive bikes

Aero Shaped Tubes : The Geometry is 100% Aero, ready to attack the Podium

100% Triathlon Focussed Geometry - Non UCI Legal. Its a Triathlon Bike, not a TT Bike!

Ever dreamt of a Premium Triathlon Bike in INR 2.XX Lakhs?

Fulfil Your Dream today! Ride a Bike worthy of Triathlons.

The Bike is equipped with full SHIMANO R7000 105 GROUPSET

Every component of the Groupset and DriveTrain is Shimano 105 R7000, Head to Toe!
There is no compromise in any component!

Have you felt any compromise in the bike yet?
Wait, we are not done!


PROFILE DESIGN is a very well known and the best Triathlon Component brand in the World today.
So, when we were assembling the bike to race for the podiums, how could we compromise on the Cockpit of the Bike?!

The Ceepo Venom will be equipped with Profile Design Alloy Aerobars, where the shape will be customised as per the Rider requirements!

The brake calipers (as seen in the picture) are also Original Profile Design Alloy calipers, delivering the finest braking experience on the base bar.

The Base Bar and Stem are also from the Profile Design family, making this a complete PROFILE DESIGN Race Ready Cockpit!

No Compromise on the Wheels!


MAVIC is the World's Finest Wheel brands, with no compromise on the quality of bearings, spokes and rims.

The French brand MAVIC specialises in delivering performance with its entire Alloy as well as Carbon wheels.

The MAVIC wheels on this bike gives the rider an unbelievable advantage over other entry level bikes in the market, making the ride quality of Ceepo Venom truly breathtaking and super fast on the tarmac.

We also give the choice to the Athlete to upgrade the wheels at the time of purchase for the best price available!

Hold Your Breath!
We are giving the Best Saddle brand in the world!


PROLOGO Saddles are ranked at the very top in the world when it comes to Racing and Endurance.

A pure Italian Brand PROLOGO, undergoes a lot of research and development in designing a saddle that fits the requirements of the rider perfectly.

The Prologo Kappa Saddle is the best all-rounder saddle in the Prologo Family, giving ultimate comfort for long distance rides and also the shape of the saddle reduces chaffing and saddle sores to a great extent.

We always believe that the Athlete should NEVER compromise on the Saddle, because that remains the most important touch point between the Athlete and the Bike!

In view of this, we also give an option to the Athlete to upgrade the saddle of his/her choice! What more do you need? At a very nominal upgrade cost, the Athlete can choose to opt the perfect Triathlon saddle from the Prologo Family.

Our idea is that the Athlete should have the best of components, leaving very little to upgrade later on, and concentrating only on the training and performance!

Now coming to the All Important Question.

What Size is Perfect for You? Click the Link Below.

We are done! We give a Bonanza in JUST about INR 2.XX Lakhs!

Make this CEEPO Venom 2020 your Race Horse! Its YOU vs Triathlon!

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