Ceepo Rindo : Aero Gravel !

Aero Tubes


One-Piece Fork

Elegant aero tube shapes take advantage of truncated airfoils which allow the Ceepo to seamlessly combine greater aerodynamics to reduce drag and headwind turbulence while retaining competitive stiffness and weight values.Text

Hidden Cable Pathways for total front end aero integration. With internal cable routing and cable free pathway solutions via partnerships with FSA and Token, Ceepo creates clean and aero front ends that smooth air flow, reduce drag and headwind turbulence. For some models, the clean lines create a snag free frame interface for attaching frame bags for long haul adventures.

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.

The Rindo, Japanese for “remote forest road” applies our aerodynamic expertise to gravel racing and mixed terrain adventure. Sure, the Rindo is a gravel bike, but not just any gravel bike. It is, in fact, exactly the kind of gravel bike you would expect from Ceepo: a race-oriented carbon aero gravel superbike designed to go fast over a variety of terrain regardless of the conditions.

The Rindo’s ground up design inherits the aero road bike frame profile and total cable integration of the Stinger and Mamba R, while adding terrain versatility by accepting both 700c and 650b wheelset combinations, with a maximum clearance up to 700x45mm and 650bx2.1.

Tube shapes are robust but retain signature Ceepo aero features to keep it in the “aero is everything” family., such as the airfoil downtube and an integrated front end. No reason a bike meant for the dirt can’t have an aero edge.

A cable free front end is utilitarian as well, uncluttered, easy for installing frame bags and free of any spaghetti tangle to snag on branches. The clean lines of an aero superbike, but rugged for the backcountry.

Rindo retains the lightness and nimbleness found across the aero bike line, but fortifies the carbon chassis with stiffness where it is needed and weight savings where it counts to create a durable, stable and confident gravel platform. The tapered fork features full carbon construction based around a 160mm flat mount rotor.

On the point of terrain, with a longer wheelbase for stability and a dropped chain stay for wider tires, the Rindo is quite capable at pavement transitions, loose, hardpacked and rutted gravel, woodland trails, double track, dry river beds and even light single track. Go anywhere. Ride anything. From the pavement to where the dirt roads never end.



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