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Ceepo is a brand, making ONLY Carbon bikes, and Geometries ONLY focused towards Triathlons, making it one of the best brands available in India today for athletes focused towards Triathlon. CEEPO new super frame remains easy to travel and service.

CEEPO frames are designed by triathletes for triathletes riding forward. A longer front wheel base, longer trail values, and a shorter head tube will provide speed in real life. Not only allowing aggressive position but also providing safe and predictable handling at all speeds.

Among all the bike shops in India MasterMind is an Exclusive Distributor of CEEPO.



Combines classic road “neutral handling” with CEEPO aero innovation, seamless, fork integration, truncated airfoils, wheel arches, low seat stays and short asymmetric chainstays. Fast on flats, stable on descents, confident in turns and efficient on climbs, dirt or road.


The Ceepo Mamba R has a 35mm tyre clearance, made it an all-road bike.


A single-piece high-performance fork. It has a balance between stiffness and compliance, is responsive and reduces drag as well as turbulence caused by headwinds through seamless integration with the Mamba R chassis. It has a wide clearance.


Aero shaping makes the back of the seat stay quick and responsive, while car-bon's natural absorption qualities minimize fatigue and increases the power transfer for the longer intervals


WRS is a reversible aero seat post that provides fit customization and generous fore and aft adjustability on aero road and triathlon bikes.


Ceepo bikes all have short, stable and asymmetrical chainstays to ensure maximum power transfer.


The Mamba-R is the sweet spot in the Ceepo line, bringing all the Ceepo features together into a single, versatile aero package. The Mamba-R excels at fast conditions in all conditions and is suited for riders who place a premium on speed and power efficiency over distance, but also like to get off the pavement and into the dirt. Capable of multiple terrains, events and even configurations.

Ceepo Mamba R is a fast, aero and lightest bike that can take your performance at a very high level . Yet, with up to 35mm tires, the Mamba-R can handle groomed gravel and hard pack with the ability for light adventure, ideally when the speed is fast, the nights are short and there is little need for creature comforts.

Mamba R is the perfect machine for any situation when everything is fast, regardless of where the pavement starts or ends. Best of all worlds. The Mamba-R adopts the standout aero features of the Stinger, including integrated cable pathways, airfoil tube shapes, aerodynamic profile, aggressive “on the rivet” geometry combined with well mannered handling.



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